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C H A P T ER 13
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Tables, Page Layouts, and the HTML/CSS Debate
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Listing 8.16
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flush ScrollableResults scroll = query.scroll( ScrollMode.FORWARD_ONLY); Scroll in forward mode only int batch = 0; scroll.beforeFirst(); while ( ) { batch++; session.index( scroll.get(0) ); if (batch % BATCH_SIZE == 0) {
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You add a new category (laptopBags) as a child of the Laptops category, and modify all three existing categories. The following code propagates all these changes to the database:
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The more flexible event model proposed by the W3C is complex. An arbitrary number of listeners can be attached to a DOM element. Further, if an action takes place in a region of the document in which several elements overlap, the event handlers of each are given an opportunity to fire and to veto further calls in the event stack, known as swallowing the event. The specification proposes that the event stack be traversed twice in total, first propagating from outermost to innermost (from the document element down) and then bubbling up again from the inside to the outside. In practice, different browsers implement different subsets of this behavior. In Mozilla-based browsers and Safari, event callbacks are attached using addEventListener() and removed by a corresponding removeEventListener(). Internet Explorer offers similar functions: attachEvent() and detachEvent(). Mike Foster s xEvent object (part of the x library see the Resources section at the end of this chapter) makes a brave attempt at creating a Fa ade (see chapter 3) across these implementations in order to provide a rich cross-browser event model. There is a further cross-browser annoyance here, as the callback handler functions defined by the user are called slightly differently. Under Mozilla browsers,
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finally { try{ if(ps!=null) ps.close(); if(rs!=null) rs.close(); if(con!=null) con.close(); } catch(SQLException e){} } return new Integer( sequenceId ); } }
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You would not want to use this aspect in a production environment, since it logs the usernames and passwords. In that case, if you still want to log the operations, you could just change the advice to print only the desired information. Running the test code Running the code is simple. You will have to create the database tables with users and passwords as specified in the class. Detailed instructions for setting up the test database are provided in the source code distribution (downloadable at Alternatively, you can modify itself to suit your existing test database. After the setup is complete, simply issue the command java Test to run the program. You should see output resembling the following:
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@ActivationConfigProperty( propertyName="messageSelector", propertyValue="Fragile IS TRUE")
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All of the pieces are now tied together, and we can see the results of our work. In figure 12.8 you can see the Ajax call at the bottom (in the Firebug window), and the page gives us the information we need without any page redirects or refreshes. How refreshing!
Listing 11.2 A view controller, which manages most of the collage s tasks
In chapter 4, you learned how to get data out of your database using SELECT statements. In those examples, we only worked with a single object type in the results, even when joining multiple tables. If you have more complex objects, you can also use iBATIS to load them. This capability is useful if you like to have your application s model look like your data model. It is possible to use iBATIS to define your data model in terms of related objects, and have iBATIS load them all at once. For example, if you have a database in which Account records have related Order records that have related OrderItem records, those relationships can be set up so that when you request an Account, you also get all of the Order objects and all of the OrderItem objects as well. Listing 6.1 shows how you would define your SQL map to make this work.
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