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create table portal_windows( id int primary key not null, user_id int not null, xPos int not null, yPos int not null, width int not null, height int not null, url varchar(255) not null, title varchar(255) not null );
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If you pay close attention to listing 8.3, you ll realize that this approach is not very flexible when the application needs to deal with more than a handful of distributors. Writing one class per specific distributor is not very appealing and simply does not work if the list of distributors is not known at development time. Hibernate Search can inject parameters into a filter when the filter is enabled on a query, as we ll show in the next section. Each parameter has a name and a value. For each parameter provided, the Filter implementation (or the Filter factory implementation if you use the factory strategy) must have a corresponding setter in order for Hibernate Search to inject it.
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Transaction control across methods is strongly discouraged because it can result in improperly managed transactions and long-lived transactions that lock up or even leak resources. It s best practice to let the method defining the transaction start also dictate where the transaction ends.
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This code will look for a route with the name special-widget-route. You re unlikely to need to use this technique unless the URL generated by routing isn t the desired one. Try to solve the issue by altering route ordering or with route constraints. Use RouteLink as a last resort. Sometimes you need to obtain a URL, but not for the purposes of a link or form. This often happens when you re writing Ajax code and you need to set the request URL. The UrlHelper class can generate URLs directly; it s used by the ActionLink method and others. Here s an example:
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Exploring clustering approaches
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<hibernate-configuration> <session-factory> <property name="hibernate.connection.datasource"> java:/MyDatasource
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The accelerometer and movement
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4.5 Summary
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Bitter entities
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When stroking or filling a path, you ve always used a single color in this book, but it s also possible to apply paint that consists of repeating graphical figures or a smoothly varying color gradient. In this case, we re talking about pattern colors that use either a tiled pattern (a repeating figure) or a shading pattern (a smooth gradient).
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Table 5.8 A cell accessory gives additional information. Constant UITableViewCellAccessoryNone UITableViewCellAccessoryDisclosureIndicator UITableViewCellAccessoryDetailDisclosureButton UITableViewCellAccessoryCheckmark Summary No accessory A normal chevron: A chevron in a blue button: A checkmark:
We now get a different graphical view of the tables; see figure 9.3. The relationship between CATEGORY and ITEM is now correct, and the lines and arrows (and all other tables) on the right side of our canvas are gone (which you might not have expected). With the new many2many option set in the Ant task, Middlegen now only considers the named tables, not all tables. Because we only named the two tables (and the association table), Middlegen ignores all others. We can use the <table> element in the Ant task to declare additional tables manually:
A new design for the Web
contains our custom data.
#import <StoreKit/StoreKit.h> @interface RootViewController : UITableViewController <SKProductsRequestDelegate,SKPaymentTransactionObserver> { NSMutableArray * products; NSMutableArray * transactionHistory; } @property (nonatomic, retain) NSMutableArray * transactionHistory; (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) (void) requestProductData; completeTransaction: (SKPaymentTransaction *)transaction; restoreTransaction: (SKPaymentTransaction *)transaction; failedTransaction: (SKPaymentTransaction *)transaction; recordTransaction:(SKPaymentTransaction * )transaction; provideContent:(NSString * )productIdentifier;
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