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Introducing Xcode
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Caching tips and strategies are out of the scope of this book. Correctly applying caching strategies can be critical to website performance. We ll cover how caching is applied in ASP.NET MVC, but if you want to read more about advanced caching, see Professional ASP.NET 4 in C# and VB by Bill Evjen, Scott Hanselman, and Devin Rader.
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On the one hand, you might wish to add actions to your button programmatically. This could be the case if you created your button from within Xcode or if you created your button within Interface Builder but want to change its behavior during runtime. Your first step, then, is bringing your button into Xcode. If you created your button in Interface Builder, as we suggested earlier, you just need to create an IBOutlet
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Buildfile: build.xml The Elements of Ant Style project Main targets: default Public target
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Floating point
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Creating the rich user interface
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need to look carefully to see this the message can get buried among the various other notifications that appear in the Output window.) Notice that in Example 13-5 we didn t need to tell the proxy what address to use. That s because the Add Service Reference dialog imported more than just the contract definition. It adds information to the ChatClient project s App.config file, shown in all its gory detail in Example 13-6.
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6.3.2 The role of policy enforcement during the product lifecycle Policy enforcement has different roles in different parts of the product lifecycle. In this section, we examine how an AspectJ-based solution helps realize those roles. During the development phase, AspectJ-based policy enforcement helps by immediately flagging policy violations. During this phase, you also develop your own policies. You should strive to develop reusable, general-purpose policies so that you can carry them to other projects. Policies also help in training developers who are new to a technology acting as a kind of mentor. For internal testing, you should keep your build configuration the same as the development build configuration by including policy-enforcement aspects. Then the policy-violation logs produced during testing can help developers fix the problems. During the maintenance phase too, you should keep the build configuration identical to the development build. Policy-enforcement aspects can then ensure that the modifications and new code do not violate the existing policies, because the aspects will catch the compile-time violations during the compilation phase
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Adds callback
The bool type was named after George Boole (1815 1864), an English mathematician who published An Investigation into the Laws of Thought, on Which Are Founded the Mathematical Theories of Logic and Probabilities, and thus created the science of Boolean algebra.
If you wanted to return all the items in the Shirts partition that were not returned as part of the original query, you could retrieve the next set of data using the following query:
Listing 7.17 ConcatenateBookmarks
2.5.2 XmlDocument and XMLHttpRequest objects
myLibrary.books={ bestSeller : predefinedBook1, cookbook : predefinedBook2, spaceFiller : predefinedBook3 };
Global transactions
Manipulating File Paths
I ve broken the command over several lines; you might want to turn it into a script (or batch file) if you plan to run the packager from outside an IDE often. Let s look at the options, chunk by chunk:
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