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13.3 Improving performance of EJB 3 components
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The 'this' object cannot be used before all of its fields are assigned to
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The instance methods are first defined as global named functions. To better recognize the constructor to which they belong, you concatenate the constructor name with the name of the method, using a $ character. This is the same approach used in the debug versions of the Microsoft Ajax Library files, but you re free to leverage your preferred naming technique. Finally, the functions are referenced
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on a 3.0 release at the time of writing, so we used a development version. Because some of the details may change, it is best for us not to show the specifics of Torque s Ant task syntax. The Torque distribution provides detailed documentation and examples, and the user community is helpful and responsive. codice barre pdf 417 sample code
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A custom transformer is a JavaScript function used to handle the transform event raised by a binding object. When the transform event is raised, the transformer is called, and the event arguments contain an instance of the Sys.Preview.BindingEventArgs class. This instance contains all the properties you need to compute the transformed value and pass it to the binding. The BindingEventArgs class exposes the following methods:
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Advanced AspectJ
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The RangeQuery is an excellent way to query dates. It can also be used to search numeric ranges and even string ranges. In the next section we look at querying numeric ranges because there s an inherent problem that needs to be taken care of.
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import com.sun.kjava.*;
On startup, the Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory() method tries to locate the persistence unit named helloworld. It searches the classpath for all META-INF/persistence.xml files and then configures the EMF if a match is found. The second part of the log shows something you probably didn t expect. The JPA persistence provider tried to find all annotated classes and all Hibernate XML mapping files in the build output directory. The list of annotated classes (or the list of XML mapping files) in hibernate.cfg.xml isn t needed, because hello.Message, the annotated entity class, has already been found. Instead of removing only this single unnecessary option from hibernate.cfg.xml, let s remove the whole file and move all configuration details into persistence.xml (see listing 2.13).
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Java EE 5.0 is significantly easier to use and much more powerful than its predecessors. Two specifications of the Java EE 5.0 platform that are most relevant for web application developers are JSF and EJB 3.0. What s so great about JSF and EJB 3.0 We first highlight major concepts and features in each specification. You ll then write a small example with JSF and EJB 3.0 and compare it to the old way of writing web applications in Java (think Struts and EJB 2.x). After that, we ll focus on the issues that are still present and how Seam can make JSF and EJB 3.0 an even more powerful and convenient combination. Note that it s impossible to cover all of JSF and EJB 3.0 in this chapter. We recommend that you read this chapter together with the Sun Java EE 5.0 tutorial ( and browse through the tutorial if you want to know more about a particular subject. On the other hand, if
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