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Downloading and setting up
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SQL is capable of much more powerful queries. For example, suppose the Northwind manager would like to know what products were purchased in July 1996 by the customer Vins et alcools Chevalier. This turns out to be somewhat complicated. The Order Details table knows the ProductID for all the products in any given order. The Orders table knows which CustomerIDs are associated with an order. The Customers table knows the CustomerID for a customer, and the Products table knows the product name for the ProductID. How do you tie all this together Here s the query:
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This is how Hibernate implements dynamic association fetching, a powerful feature that is essential for achieving high performance in any application. As explained in chapter 13, section 13.2.5, Optimization step by step, tuning the fetch plan and fetching strategy with queries is your first optimization, followed by global settings in mapping metadata when it becomes obvious that more and more queries have equal requirements. The last join option on the list is the theta-style join. Theta-style joins A product lets you retrieve all possible combinations of instances of two or more classes. This query returns all ordered pairs of Users and Category objects:
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participant pattern 270 277 aspect instances, and 380 aspectual interface 274 collaboration flow 276 explicit participation 276 inviting aspect 274 overview 273 participant subaspect, example of 379 peripheral characteristics 270 read-write lock pattern, and 321 reversal of roles 273 template 274 transaction management example of 379 use case 378 use of 369 UML class diagram 276 use case 378 warning 271 PATH modification for AspectJ 439 pattern thread-safety 287 percflow association 129 aspect instance, example of 372 aspectOf(), and 136 example of 131 transaction management, example of 370 percflowbelow association 129 aspectOf(), and 136 per-control-flow association 128 alternatives 129 for transaction management 128 reusable aspect 128 performance architect s dilemma 241 resource pooling, improving using 203 performance testing 432 performance-monitoring aspect 432
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Table 7.1 Tools to extend your test repertoire Tool NUnit Mocking framework White Selenium FitNesse Performing integration tests Simulating the behavior of some objects while unit testing others Testing Windows Forms and Silverlight applications Testing web applications Performing acceptance testing in a highly sophisticated manner Purpose
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package com.msi.manning.UnlockingAndroid; // multiple imports trimmed for brevity, see full source code public class ShowSettings extends Activity { Prefs myprefs = null; @Override public void onCreate(Bundle icicle) { Initialize super.onCreate(icicle); Prefs instance setContentView(R.layout.showsettings);
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Example 9-1. Iterator pattern theory code (continued)
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Test Your Knowledge: Quiz
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Kircher, Michael, Prashant Jain, and Angelo Corsaro. XP + AOP = Better Software Available online at http://www.xp2003.org/xp2002/atti/Kircher-Jain-XPplusAOPBetterSoftware. pdf. Laddad, Ramnivas. I Want My AOP!, Part 1. In JavaWorld, January, 2002. Available online at http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-01-2002/jw-0118-aspect.html. I Want My AOP!, Part 2. In JavaWorld, March, 2002. Available online at http:// www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-03-2002/jw-0301-aspect2.html. I Want My AOP!, Part 3. In JavaWorld, April, 2002. Available online at http:// www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-04-2002/jw-0412-aspect3.html. Lesiecki, Nicholas. Test Flexibly with AspectJ and Mock Objects. IBM Developer Works, May 2002. Available online at http://www-106.ibm.com/developerworks/java/ library/j-aspectj2/. Monk, Simon, and Stephen Hall. Virtual Mock Objects Using AspectJ with JUnit. Available online at http://www.xprogramming.com/xpmag/virtualMockObjects.htm. Ossher, H., and P Tarr. Multi-Dimensional Separation of Concerns Using Hyperspaces. . IBM Research Report 21452, April, 1999. Available online at http://www.research. ibm.com/hyperspace/Papers/tr21452.ps. Sun Microsystems. Threads and Swing. Available online at http://java.sun.com/docs/ books/tutorial/uiswing/overview/threads.html.
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Inserting data into your database is not exactly the same as selecting data, but the process is very similar. Regardless of whether you use inline or external parameter mapping (both of which are explained in detail in the previous chapter see sections 4.3.1 and 4.3.2), they work just like they do with all other mapped statements.
User properties are one type of attribute that can be added to a marked content sequence. You ll find more in ISO-32000-1. In the next section, we ll work with the optional entries that can be added for accessibility support.
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