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Now that we have all of the helper methods in place, we can start to build the public interface. The insert method is the most involved, because it requires both a query and an insert:
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In listing 6.11 we create the parts of our scene graph, which will be plugged into the application s Stage in part 3 (listing 6.12). There are three main parts: list is the scrolling list of videos from which the user can select, view is the video display area itself, and panel is the control panel that runs along the bottom of the window. You ll notice that the MediaPlayer is also given its own variable, player. The list is constructed from the two classes, List and ListPane, we developed earlier. Its contents are the filenames from the directory returned by JFileChooser. The action event takes the selected list index and turns it into a URL (thanks to the getVideoPath() function we ll see later), creates a new Media object from it, plugs the Media object into player, and starts it playing.
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using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; System.Text;
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Encapsulating this auditing logic into an interceptor is as simple as creating a plain Java class that has a method with the @javax.interceptor.AroundInvoke annotation and the following signature:
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The process of increasing the relevance of returned documents is known as relevance or document feedback. This methodology, available since the 1960s, assumes that since users usually know little about the details of a particular document repository s makeup, they have difficulty assembling an initial query that produces the results they re looking for. Think about it. When you call up your favorite search engine in your browser to search for a topic, do you really have any idea what s on the web Because of this user-repository mismatch, the initial query should be treated as only a preliminary step in obtaining useful information. The user can then examine the results of this first-round query. Terms from documents that are judged relevant can then be reformulated and applied to new, additional queries, thereby increasing the relevance of the newly returned documents. At the same time, terms in documents considered less relevant can be downplayed in the new queries. The effect of this process after several iterations is to cause more relevant documents to be returned. An alternative to this manual intervention is known as pseudo or blind relevance feedback. This method does normal retrieval to find an initial set of documents and automatically considers a subset of a certain number of the top documents returned
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Or, more concisely, we could amalgamate the font elements:
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DirectionL2R Left to right (the default). DirectionR2L Right to left, including vertical writing systems such as Chinese,
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Microsoft constantly touts innovation, and the ability to innovate has moved software products forward at a tremendous pace. But unfortunately, users can handle only so much innovation at a time. Consider the telephone. I inherited an old oakboxed telephone from my grandparents (see Figure 3-1).
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Listing 4.2 JoinPointTraceAspect.java
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Written like this, it looks recognizably like a function definition, except that we use the delegate keyword to let the compiler know we are providing a delegate. There s no need to specify the return type that is inferred from the context. (In this case, the delegate type is Predicate<T>, so the compiler knows the return type is bool.) Any parameters in our parameter list are accessible only inside the body of the anonymous method itself. Why do we call it an anonymous method Because it doesn t have a name that can be referenced elsewhere! The variable that references the delegate to the anonymous method has a name, but not the anonymous delegate type, or the anonymous method itself. If you compile and run the code you ll see the new output:
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