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In this example, ControlNamespace represents the default namespace used in the assembly. The remaining portion, Control.js, is the name of the resource. It s highly recommended that the JavaScript file in the assembly not contain any hard-coded string literals. Instead, it should look up values from a resource file that follows the same naming conventions for the scripts. For example, you could use a .NET resource file named Messages.it-IT.resx (or Messages.en-IE for our Shillelagh-wielding friends in Ireland) to define strings for that culture. The ASP.NET AJAX script loader automatically converts the .NET string resources into a JavaScript object:
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<html> <head> <link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='mousemat.css' /> <link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='objviewer.css' /> <script type='text/javascript' src='x/x_core.js'></script>
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West, or Center. Create an 'embossed' watermark. Tile the watermark all over the image.
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So, what s the big deal with these partial methods Perhaps not much, but looking at an example might help. Let s return to our living, breathing Animal class, this time with a partial method included. Let s start with the auto-generated side of the world.
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Listing 6.2 The OnPreRender method is used to configure the visibility of the controls for the application.
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We can think of two good examples why you might use native SQL queries in Hibernate: HQL provides no mechanism for specifying SQL query hints, and it also doesn t support hierarchical queries (such as the Oracle CONNECT BY clause). We suppose that you ll stumble on other examples. In these (relatively rare) cases, you re free to resort to using the JDBC API directly. However, doing so means writing the tedious code by hand to transform a JDBC ResultSet to an object graph. You can avoid all this work by using Hibernate s built-in support for native SQL queries. You only need to learn one trick. An SQL query result may return the state of multiple entity instances in each row and even the state of multiple instances of the same entity. You need a way to distinguish between the different entities. Hibernate uses a naming scheme for the result column aliases to correctly map column values
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<entity> <ejb-name>cmpViewEquity</ejb-name> <home>CMPView.EquityHome</home> <remote>CMPView.Equity</remote> <ejb-class>CMPView.EquityBean</ejb-class> <persistence-type>Container</persistence-type> <prim-key-class>java.lang.String</prim-key-class> <reentrant>False</reentrant> <cmp-version>2.x</cmp-version> <abstract-schema-name>EquityBean</abstract-schema-name> <cmp-field> <field-name>symbol</field-name> </cmp-field> <cmp-field> <field-name>description</field-name> </cmp-field> <cmp-field> <field-name>lastTrade</field-name> </cmp-field> <primkey-field>symbol</primkey-field> </entity>
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Associations and components
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<binding id="binding1" dataContext="txtSource" dataPath="text" property="text" direction="Out" />
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Building and accessing a database
English (United Kingdom) : en-GB English (United States) : en-US English (Zimbabwe) : en-ZW Estonian : et Estonian (Estonia) : et-EE Faroese : fo Faroese (Faroe Islands) : fo-FO Filipino : fil Filipino (Philippines) : fil-PH Finnish : fi Finnish (Finland) : fi-FI French : fr
Extracts file streams
5.3 Rolling back the current transaction 5.8 Managing EJB state at transaction boundaries 5.10 Managing EJB state after a rollback
Entering the Java code The J2ME Wireless Toolkit does not come with a text editor. Therefore, you will need to use your favorite editor to type in the HiSmallWorld class code from page 466 into a HiSmallWorld.java file. Once you have entered the code into a text file, the KToolBar does tell you where to save the file. Namely, if you recall from the project s creation, the KToolBar informed us that Java source code for our project should be placed in a certain directory. In our example, this directory was c:\J2MEWTK\apps\ SmallWorldSuite\src (see figure D.5). Each project in the J2ME Wireless Toolkit has its own directory, which is usually kept in the \apps subdirectory of the toolkit s main directory. If you peruse to the SmallWorldSuite directory under the \apps directory now, you will already see a directory structure that includes a \bin directory. Likewise, the \bin directory contains the manifest and JAD files for our tutorial suite. We will not have to edit these files directly since the KToolBar provides the Settings window which will allow us to set attributes via the tool. Building a project With the project or MIDlet suite set up via the KToolBar and the Java code entered and saved to the appropriate directory, we are ready to compile, preverify, and jar our code. This part of the project is called building the application. In the J2ME Wireless Toolkit, compiling, preverifying, and jarring the application all occur with the push of a button (provided there are no bugs in your code). To build your MIDlet suite, push the Build button on the KToolBar. If your application build is successful, you will see text displayed in the KToolBar panel that indicates Build complete. If there were errors in your code, this same window will display messages indicating problems. You will then have to go back to your text editor and attempt to fix the code. Running a project It is easy to compile, preverify and jar your application. It is equally easy to run and test your MIDlet suite in an emulator. In fact, with the J2ME Wireless Toolkit, you can test your application in a number of emulators. Located just below the New Project button on the KToolBar is a Device drop-down box. Select this dropdown box and pick any one of a number of device emulators as shown in figure D.8.
12.3.1 Creating a CacheController
<depends optional-attribute-name="ServerPeer"> <depends>jboss.messaging:service=PostOffice</depends>
Listing 16.15 MovieAnnotation.java
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