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A fundamental and very powerful element of the architecture is Hibernate s notion of a Type. A Hibernate Type object maps a Java type to a database column type (actually, the type may span multiple columns). All persistent properties of persistent classes, including associations, have a corresponding Hibernate type. This design makes Hibernate extremely flexible and extensible. There is a rich range of built-in types, covering all Java primitives and many JDK classes, including types for java.util.Currency, java.util.Calendar, byte[], and java.io.Serializable. Even better, Hibernate supports user-defined custom types. The interfaces UserType and CompositeUserType are provided to allow you to add your own types. You can use this feature to allow commonly used application classes such as Address, Name, or MonetaryAmount to be handled conveniently and elegantly. Custom types are considered a central feature of Hibernate, and you re encouraged to put them to new and creative uses! We explain Hibernate types and user-defined types in chapter 6, section 6.1, Understanding the Hibernate type system.
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javax.ejb.SessionContext javax.jta.UserTransaction (bean transaction interface) javax.naming.Context (only when it references the JNDI ENC) javax.persistence.EntityManager
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Listing 23.2 The repository that defines the persistence operations
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We create our TrademarkFilter object and add a few trademarks to its list. To specify a delegate to the method on that instance we use our reference to the instance and the name of the function on that instance. Notice that the syntax is very similar to a method call on an object, but without the parentheses.
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import javafx.stage.Stage; def ui:FXDNode = FXDNode { url: "{__DIR__}ui.fxz" }; FXDButton { fxd: ui; id: "button1"; action: function() { println("Button 1 clicked"); } } FXDButton { fxd: ui; id: "button2"; action: function() { println("Button 2 clicked"); } } Stage { scene: Scene { content: ui; } } class FXDButton { var footprintNode:Node; var idleNode:Node; var hoverNode:Node; var clickNode:Node; public-init var fxd:FXDNode; public-init var id:String; public-init var action:function():Void; init { footprintNode = fxd.getNode("{id}F"); idleNode = fxd.getNode("{id}I"); hoverNode = fxd.getNode("{id}H"); clickNode = fxd.getNode("{id}C"); makeVisible(idleNode); footprintNode.onMouseEntered = function(ev:MouseEvent) { makeVisible( if(footprintNode.pressed) clickNode else hoverNode ); } footprintNode.onMouseExited = function(ev:MouseEvent) { makeVisible(idleNode); } footprintNode.onMousePressed = function(ev:MouseEvent) { makeVisible(clickNode); if(action!=null) action(); } footprintNode.onMouseReleased = function(ev:MouseEvent) { makeVisible( if(footprintNode.hover) hoverNode else idleNode ); } }
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Scoring things my way
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Interacting with SQL Server in Code |
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LockModeType lockMode, Map<String, Object> properties); <T> T getReference(Class<T> entityClass, Object primaryKey); void flush(); void setFlushMode(FlushModeType flushMode); FlushModeType getFlushMode(); void lock(Object entity, LockModeType lockMode); void lock(Object entity, LockModeType lockMode, Map<String, Object> properties); void refresh(Object entity); void refresh(Object entity, Map<String, Object> properties); void refresh(Object entity, LockModeType lockMode); void refresh(Object entity, LockModeType lockMode, Map<String, Object> properties); void clear(); void detach(Object entity); boolean contains(Object entity); LockModeType getLockMode(Object entity); void setProperty(String propertyName, Object value); Map<String, Object> getProperties(); Query createQuery(String qlString); <T> TypedQuery<T> createQuery(CriteriaQuery<T> criteriaQuery); <T> TypedQuery<T> createQuery(String qlString, Class<T> resultClass); Query createNamedQuery(String name); <T> TypedQuery<T> createNamedQuery(String name, Class<T> resultClass); Query createNativeQuery(String sqlString); Query createNativeQuery(String sqlString, Class resultClass); Query createNativeQuery(String sqlString, String resultSetMapping); void joinTransaction(); <T> T unwrap(Class<T> cls); Object getDelegate(); void close(); boolean isOpen(); EntityTransaction getTransaction(); EntityManagerFactory getEntityManagerFactory(); CriteriaBuilder getCriteriaBuilder(); Metamodel getMetamodel();
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Outbound Filter 1
Setting up wallpaper product pricing in iTunes Connect
In addition to the items listed in ProjectionConstants, any of the fields contained in the indexed entity can be requested by the projection. The following code shows the Employee entity that we will use in the example:
Listing 5.20 XPathBridgeTransformer, which lets you query the response to an object
Figure 13.5 SQL Azure connection strings are displayed in the Azure portal, making it easy to know what you need to use in your code. Sometimes changing the connection string is all you need to do to move your application s data to the cloud.
Equation 12.5 Rewrite of equation 12.4 to the dot product divided by the product of the lengths of the same quantities
target.appname=antbook target.warfile=${target.appname}.war
The document type declaration is used by the XML parser to validate this document against the Hibernate configuration DTD. The optional name attribute is equivalent to the property hibernate.session_ factory_name and used for JNDI binding of the SessionFactory, discussed in the next section. Hibernate properties may be specified without the hibernate prefix. Property names and values are otherwise identical to programmatic configuration properties. Mapping documents may be specified as application resources or even as hardcoded filenames. The files used here are from our online auction application, which we ll introduce in chapter 3. Now you can initialize Hibernate using
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