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public class Shipment { @OneToOne @JoinTable( name="ITEM_SHIPMENT", joinColumns = @JoinColumn(name = "SHIPMENT_ID"), inverseJoinColumns = @JoinColumn(name = "ITEM_ID") ) private Item auction; ... // Getter/setter methods }
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table. That way, if you need the social security number, you can look it up easily, but it won t be left out in plain text for someone to see. Another benefit of using trace is that the trace output appears in the dev fabric UI, like in figure 18.2. At a simple level, this is all you need to start the agent and start collecting the most common data. The basic diagnostic setup is almost done for you out of the box because there s so much default configuration that comes with it.
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The real meat of this class is done in onMessage, where we unwrap the status and delegate along to updateStatus:
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Unless the corresponding .batch property is explicitly set, the value will default to the .transaction property. Why is there a need for two modes: a transaction mode and a batch mode During transactional operations (entity insertions, updates, and deletions), you likely want to limit memory consumption to leave more resources for the rest of the system. You also want to limit the response time. Keep the merge factor relatively low to limit the number of concurrent files (segments) opened. In practice, because Hibernate Search batches changes per transaction, segment files tend to be small, and ram_buffer_size is rarely attained. During batch mode (that is, when you index or reindex a significant part of your data), you want to maximize memory consumption and limit the number of merges to keep index speed as high as possible. You also want to maximize throughput. Subsequently, you ll run an optimize() operation to reduce the number of segments. Unfortunately, there s no magic formula to estimate the best value for each setting. Start with the default values, and run performance tests to find the best strategy for your application.
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19.4.3 Finding the edges
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Description A 16-byte globally unique identifier (GUID). The related NEWID function generates values for this field. Variable-length binary data, up to 8,000 bytes in length. You specify the length through a parameter, as in varbinary(100). The field only consumes space for the actual content currently stored in the field. A special setting of varbinary(max) allows entry of up to about 2 billion bytes. Variable-length standard (varchar) or Unicode (nvarchar) strings, up to 8,000 characters in length. You specify the length through a parameter, as in varchar(100). The field only consumes space for the actual content currently stored in the field. A special setting of varchar(max) allows entry of up to about 2 billion characters. Provides storage for typed and untyped XML data documents, up to 2 GB.
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In listing 7.17, the printTableRaw() and printTablePretty() methods take an argument for the XML file to be transformed. Each method creates an XSLT transformer object that can be used later to transform the input XML file for, say, the purpose of printing or creating HTML documents. Note that both methods create a fresh Transformer object each time they are invoked that is the caching opportunity we will explore later. The code for printTableRaw() and printTablePretty() is very similar, and in a real application they would be refactored to share the common code. However, we leave them as is to mimic the situation in which the only logic shared between such methods is the creation of the transformer. Also consider a simple logging aspect that monitors the creation of new Transformer objects. The aspect in listing 7.18 prints the transformer obtained by invoking the TransformerFactory.newTransformer() method in the Test class.
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For the programming examples, http://www.manning.com/tate/ has the complete code for all of the examples, as well as forums for discussing the topics of the book. The code in the book will be in the Courier style:
Once again, the output is quite lengthy, but within the output you see fields, methods, constructors, and properties, as shown in this excerpt:
Garments 003 004 005 deerstalker fez beret Garments_to_Colors 003 003 009 017 175 178 178 183
Game on: Puzzle, version 3
space. If you aren t constrained by the number of concurrent file handlers, you can activate multifile support by using hibernate.search.<indexname>.indexwriter. use_compound_file = false. Notice that we didn t use the transactional or batch prefix. While this is possible, it makes little sense to mix compound and noncompound segments. A couple of additional properties are worth mentioning:
What s happening here JavaScript functions are always bound to a scope, or an environment. As a consequence, child functions can access the scope of the parent function, including its local variables and the parameters passed to it. But the real, powerful thing is that if you make the parent function return its child function, the local variables continue to live outside the parent function. To demonstrate the power of such a feature, let s rewrite the parent function as shown in listing 3.1.
<asp:CatalogZone ID="CatalogZone1" runat="server"> <PartTitleStyle BackColor="#507CD1" ForeColor="White" /> <FooterStyle BackColor="Red" ForeColor="White" /> <HeaderStyle BackColor="Red" ForeColor="White" /> <ZoneTemplate> <asp:PageCatalogPart ID="PageCatalogPart1" runat="server" /> </ZoneTemplate> </asp:CatalogZone>
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