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@OneToMany @org.hibernate.annotations.LazyCollection( org.hibernate.annotations.LazyCollectionOption.EXTRA ) private Set<Bid> bids = new HashSet<Bid>();
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<and> <available> <checksum> <contains> <equals> <filesmatch> <http> <isfalse> <isset> <istrue> <not> <or> <os> <socket> <uptodate>
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list-catalina-apps: [get] Getting: http://localhost:8080/manager/list [echo] OK - Listed applications for virtual host localhost /examples:running:0 /webdav:running:0 /tomcat-docs:running:0 /manager:running:0 /:running:0
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When called upon by the enumerator, only those records matching the symbol string will be included in the enumerator s sequence. As seen in figure 6.7, when compiled, preverified and executed, the ObtainQuoteMIDlet will look no different than it did in the previous chapters. However, now all data being obtained for each investment is stored in the record store. In section 6.4.3 we see how this information can be retrieved from the persistent storage provided by the platform.
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It s common for queries to be built programmatically by combining several optional query criteria depending on user input. For example, a system administrator may wish to search for users by any combination of first name or last name, and to retrieve the result ordered by username. Using HQL, we could build the query using string manipulations:
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string partXML = sb.ToString(); this.txtWebPart.Text = partXML; } }
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Figure 3.10 Performing a rolling upgrade is easy. Click Upgrade on the Summary page for the service to see this page and choose your options. You can upgrade all of the roles or just one role during an upgrade.
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Owned account management
Appendix: Answers to Quizzes and Exercises
14: Generics and Collections |
if (value==null) { statement.setNull(index, Types.NUMERIC); statement.setNull(index+1, Types.VARCHAR); } else { MonetaryAmount amount = (MonetaryAmount) value; String currencyCode = amount.getCurrency().getCurrencyCode(); statement.setBigDecimal( index, amount.getValue() ); statement.setString( index+1, currencyCode ); } } public String[] getPropertyNames() { return new String[] { "value", "currency" }; } public Type[] getPropertyTypes() { return new Type[] { Hibernate.BIG_DECIMAL, Hibernate.CURRENCY }; } public Object getPropertyValue(Object component, int property) throws HibernateException { MonetaryAmount MonetaryAmount = (MonetaryAmount) component; if (property == 0) return MonetaryAmount.getValue()(); else return MonetaryAmount.getCurrency(); } public void setPropertyValue(Object component, int property, Object value) throws HibernateException { throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Immutable!"); } public Object assemble(Serializable cached, SessionImplementor session, Object owner) throws HibernateException { return cached; } public Serializable disassemble(Object value, SessionImplementor session) throws HibernateException { return (Serializable) value; } }
JMS Server
13.2.3 AspectJ in the testing phase AspectJ can help with various tasks during the testing phase. Here are a few possible scenarios that you may want to start with:
The complete Hibernate mapping catalog
@IndexedEmbedded B marks the association as embedded. RatingImpl is used in lieu of Rating to find the index mapping.
Console.WriteLine(eventNames[0]); Console.WriteLine(eventNames[4]);
3.2 Advice
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