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Table 3.1 Examples of type signatures Signature Pattern Account *Account java.*.Date java..* Type of name Account. Types with a name ending with Account such as SavingsAccount and CheckingAccount. Type Date in any of the direct subpackages of the java package, such as java.util.Date and java.sql.Date. Any type inside the java package or all of its direct subpackages, such as java.awt and java.util, as well as indirect subpackages, such as java.awt.event and java.util.logging. All the types in the javax package or its direct and indirect subpackages that have a name ending in Model and their subtypes. This signature would match TableModel, TreeModel, and so forth, and all their subtypes. Matched Types
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String Literals
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For this exercise, you ll update an application that uses the UpdatePanel control to dynamically render the page with different views of RSS feeds. Listing 13.11 illustrates the markup portion of the application prior to any updates made with the History control.
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<set name="items" outer-join="true" table="CATEGORY_ITEM"> <key column="CATEGORY_ID"/> <many-to-many column="ITEM_ID" outer-join="true" class="Item"/> </set>
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10.5 Summary
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CGAffineTransformRotate CGAffineTransformScale
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Example 8-3. Command pattern theory code (continued)
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The iBATIS philosophy
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Dragging the applet onto the desktop
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Alternatively, outer join fetching can be disabled globally by setting the max_fetch_depth property to 0 in the hibernate.cfg.xml file:
The Table service, a whole different entity
Set the content type
Transaction tx = session.beginTransaction(); Category cat = (Category) session.get(Category.class, catId); cat.setName("New Name"); tx.commit();
Figure 2-2. Options, options everywhere
notify external objects that it s releasing its resources. Client components can raise events; they follow the model illustrated in chapter 3 to expose and raise multicast events. The set of interfaces supported by a client component is shown in figure 8.1. The diagram also shows a group of methods exposed by the Sys.Component class. These are the methods you ll most often use when dealing with client components. Web developers use JavaScript mainly to program against the browser s DOM. For this reason, the client component model offers specialized components that can be associated with DOM elements in a web page. You can take advantage of the features provided by the client component model and, at the same time, create components that provide a UI.
CGContextAddArc(ctx,110,50,30,0,2*M_PI,1); CGContextAddArc(ctx,210,50,30,0,2*M_PI,1); CGContextAddArc(ctx,160,110,15,0,2*M_PI,1); CGContextAddArc(ctx,160,210,25,0,2*M_PI,1); CGContextFillPath(ctx); }
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