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What would happen if we had more than one delegate type in the same program, and also more than one receiver First of all, the names of the delegate types (Invokers) would be different. The Command objects can configure the matches between the delegate objects and different Receiver methods as required. In the following program, there are two Command classes and two Receivers. Because both Commands use the same delegate objects (Invokers), the Client executes commands first in one Receiver and then in the other; however, that might be an unnecessary constraint. To overcome it, we can either introduce more delegate objects or group them inside the Commands, as shown in the next example. The multireceiver version of the Command pattern in Example 8-4 illustrates in addition how to handle commands that cannot be associated with anything meaningful in a given Receiver, as shown for the second Command (lines 25 32). Undo is not allowed for this Execute command, so we assign an anonymous delegate to the delegate object that writes out an error message (line 30). Note that the writing is not done when the association is made, but only when (and if) the Client calls Undo.
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Listing 7.16 BookmarkedTimeTable
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Styles and style sheets are explained fully in 6, so we will only show the bare basics here.
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import org.apache.log4j.*; import org.aspectj.lang.*; public aspect ExceptionLoggerAspectV3 { Logger _logger = Logger.getLogger("exceptions"); ExceptionLoggerAspectV3() { _logger.setLevel(Level.ALL); } pointcut exceptionLogMethods() : call(* *.*(..)) && !within(ExceptionLoggerAspectV3); after() throwing(Throwable ex) : exceptionLogMethods() { if (_logger.isEnabledFor(Level.ERROR)) { Signature sig = thisJoinPointStaticPart.getSignature(); _logger.log(Level.ERROR, "Exception logger aspect ["
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Figure 19-8. An amazing likeness of Form1, ready for translation
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Bluetooth and sensors
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The Me Object
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Message-Driven EJB: Status Update Listeners Example
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output The output file. [File]
LINQ query syntax makes implicit use of lambdas. The expressions that appear in where, select, or most other clauses are written as ordinary expressions, but as you ve seen, the C# compiler turns queries into a series of method calls, and the expressions become lambda expressions.
In C#, operators are static methods. The return value of an operator represents the result of an operation. The operator s parameters are the operands. You can define an addition operator for a Fraction class as you would any other class method, but with a bit of a difference. Instead of a method name, you use the C# syntax of combining the operator keyword with the plus sign (+) operator, combined with the keyword static. For example, the overloaded addition operator (the operator+ method) takes two Fraction objects (the fractions you want to add) as parameters and returns a reference to another Fraction object representing the sum of the two parameters. Here is its signature:
select * from ITEM i, BID b where i.ITEM_ID = b.ITEM_ID
Our projects all live one directory below where the XML file resides, so a relative path is used to point up a directory. Later in our build file, before any targets are defined, the entity reference is used:
public interface Nameable { public void setName(String name); public String getName(); static aspect Impl { private String Nameable._name; public void Nameable.setName(String name) { _name = name; } public String Nameable.getName() { return _name; } } }
id ... events bigint (pk) ... attendees bigint (pk) id bigint (fk) event_id ... ...
updateBugList (String) : org.jdom.document ejbActivate() ejbPassivate() ejbRemove() setSessionContext(SessionContext) ejbCreate() XSLTFilter filterConfig : FilterConfig doFilter( ServletRequest, ServletResponse , FilterChain ) init( FilterConfig ) getFilterConfig() : FilterConfig setFilterConfig( FilterConfig ) destroy()
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