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function doSomething(x,y,z){ ... }
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Listing 19.10 An action filter that uses AutoMapper
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RSSReader = Class.create(); RSSReader.prototype = { initialize: function( readerId, options ) { this.id = readerId; this.transitionTimer = null; Set default this.paused = false; values this.visibleLayer = 0; this.setOptions(options); Set configuration options
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When the user identifies the patron to use for checkout, and then starts checking items out, the last step is a click of the Finish button, indicating the end of the checkout process for that patron. (Skip ahead to Figure 20-11 if you want to see the Finish button now.) However, there is nothing to stop the user from jumping to another part of the program, or from exiting the program completely, without first clicking the Finish button. We must anticipate this rude behavior so typical of software users. To ensure that checkout completes properly, we will add some code to three places in MainForm that should catch any such discourteous actions by the user. Add the following code to the start of these three methods: (1) the MainForm_FormClosing event handler; (2) the ShowLoginForm method; and (3) the AllPanelsInvisible method.
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The J2EE/XML approach
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Message-driven beans and bean-managed transactions
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' ----- Load in the list of search types. SearchType.Items.Add(New ListItemData( _ "Lookup By Title", LookupMethods.ByTitle)) SearchType.SelectedIndex = 0 SearchType.Items.Add(New ListItemData( _ "Lookup By Author", LookupMethods.ByAuthor)) SearchType.Items.Add(New ListItemData( _ "Lookup By Subject", LookupMethods.BySubject)) SearchType.Items.Add(New ListItemData( _ "Lookup By Keyword (Match Any)", _ LookupMethods.ByKeywordAny)) SearchType.Items.Add(New ListItemData( _ "Lookup By Keyword (Match All)", _ LookupMethods.ByKeywordAll)) SearchType.Items.Add(New ListItemData( _ "Lookup By Publisher", LookupMethods.ByPublisher)) SearchType.Items.Add(New ListItemData( _ "Lookup By Series Name", LookupMethods.BySeries)) SearchType.Items.Add(New ListItemData( _ "Lookup By Barcode", LookupMethods.ByBarcode))
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Getting to know the standard QueryParser and ad hoc queries
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Table 11.2 Methods for obtaining a LocationProvider reference
C# Feature Structs
cessfully sent.
The ReviewList Activity extends ListActivity, which is used to host a ListView. The default layout of a ListActivity is a full-screen, centered list of choices for the user to select from. A ListView is similar in concept to a Spinner; in fact, they re both subclasses of AdapterView, as you saw in the class diagram in figure 3.4. ListView, like Spinner, also uses an Adapter to bind to data. In this case, we re using a custom
When we compile the basic banking application and the logging aspect, and then run the test program, we see output similar to this:
Listing 7.1 shows a simple DAO that handles the basic CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) operation that almost all entities need. In addition to these functions, it has a few responsibilities so its client objects don t have to worry about them:
This attribute means that a new transaction is always started. Regardless of whether the calling client or EJB is part of a transaction, a method with the RequiresNew attribute begins a new transaction when invoked. If the calling client is already involved in a transaction, that transaction is suspended until the RequiresNew EJB s method call returns. The new transaction s scope covers only the RequiresNew EJB and all the EJBs accessed by it. Once the method invoked on the RequiresNew EJB is done, the new transaction s scope ends and the original transaction resumes. Figure 17-4a shows the RequiresNew EJB being invoked by a transactional client. The client s transaction is suspended while the EJB executes under its own transaction. Figure 17-4b shows the RequiresNew EJB being invoked by a nontransactional client; the RequiresNew EJB executes under its own transaction.
The _set_font_params() method is responsible for establishing some font metrics, like the maximum height of the font above and below the baseline, and the average width of a space character. It does this by getting the bounding boxes for a string ($text_string) which contains the standard printable characters (the characters with an ordinal value between 33 and 126), and the same string with a number of spaces inserted ($space_string).7 These strings are calculated at compile time in the BEGIN block shown. Since GD draws TrueType fonts on the baseline, the top and bottom of the bounding box give us the first two wanted parameters, namely the values for the font_up and font_down attributes. The difference in width between the first and second bounding boxes gives us the width of all spaces in the second string, which we divide by the number of spaces to obtain the average width of a space. The method used in draw() to calculate the width of a text line is defined as follows:
Introducing getAvailableBalance()
B.2.4 Configuring the bean
12.2.3 Using the inspector window
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