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<target name="shutdown-remote-server"> <property name="deploy.server" value="eiger" /> <property name="deploy.server.prompt" value="bash-2.04$$" /> <telnet server="${deploy.server}" userid="tomcat" password="********"
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StateA +Handle( )
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Figure 15.1 The peer-picker interface on both the iPhone and iPad. Using Bluetooth, users can connect to other nearby devices and interact in real time.
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Organizing with Spring and data access objects
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If you do require relational database storage, you can look at SQL Azure, which is a Windows Azure platform hosted SQL Server database.
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<target name="deploy-local-catalina" depends="makewar,remove-local-catalina" > <property name="deploy.local.urlpath" value="file:///${ warfile.asdir}/" /> <property name="deploy.local.url.params" value= "path=/${webapp.name}&war=${deploy.local.urlpath}" /> <property name="deploy.local.url" value= "http://localhost:${catalina.port}/manager/install" /> <get src="${deploy.local.url} ${deploy.local.url.params}" dest="deploy-local.txt" username="${catalina.username}" password="${catalina.password}" /> <loadfile property="deploy.local.result" srcFile="deploy-local.txt"/> <echo>${deploy.local.result}</echo> </target>
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In a Hibernate application, you ll typically write a lot of HQL queries. You expect these queries to return the right set of objects based on the criteria you specified. If you take our recommendation and collect all your HQL into a data access layer, this essentially amounts to testing the DAO layer. A unit test can verify that a query works at all (i.e., an HQL syntax check), that it returns the objects it should, and that it doesn t return objects it shouldn t.
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Adds title to list
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public approveAuction(Item item, User admin) throws BusinessException { item.approve(admin); }
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/applications/apache-ant-1.6.2 /applications/hibernate-3.0 /applications/mysql /applications/mysql-connector-java-3.1.6 /work
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using (StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(hwr.GetResponse().GetResponseStream())) { XDocument myDocument = XDocument.Parse(sr.ReadToEnd()); Console.Write(myDocument.ToString()); } Console.ReadKey(); }
12.1.2 The flaws of the frame and pop-up methods
In this code, you re generally following the logic we used when viewing the accelerometer graph, though with increased sensitivity, as promised. The didShake: method registers a shake if it sees three or more movements of at least .75 g, at least one of which is 1.25 g, with movements going in opposite directions. You start by removing gravity from the accelerometer data B, as you did in previous examples. This time you don t worry about the quirk at the beginning of data collection; it won t register as a shake, because it ll be a small fraction of a g. The main work of the function is found in its latter half, which is called whenever movement continues to occur E. First, you check whether the strongest movement is along the x-axis F. If so, you register the movement if it s at least .75 g and if it s in the opposite direction as the last x-axis move G. You do the latter check by seeing if the product of the last two moves on that axis is negative; if so, one must have been positive and the other negative, which means they were opposite each other. If the strongest move was instead on the y-axis H, you check for a sufficiently strong y-axis move that s in the opposite direction as the last y-axis move I. We could
I nstalling VisualSVN Server
<target name="devenv" depends="headers"> <exec executable="devenv.exe" failonerror="true" > <arg file="CpuInfo.sln" />
The one remaining important type is bool, which holds a Boolean value. A Boolean value is one that is either true or false. Boolean values are used frequently in C# programming, as you ll see throughout this book. Virtually every comparison (is myDog bigger than yourDog ) results in a Boolean value.
Listing 10.8 begins with a browser-detection statement. The browser detection is going to be used in a few places in this example since Opera behaves differently with keypress detection. This is the easiest way to determine if the browser used is Opera, but it is not always the most reliable way since Opera can act like other browsers.
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