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6: Style Sheets, Master Pages, and Navigation
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This approach doesn t let you specify whether to use basic or digest authentication because the server gets to choose. Since you therefore don t know whether the password will be sent in the clear, you should normally provide credentials this way only when using HTTPS. You can force the use of digest authentication by wrapping the Network Credential in a CredentialCache object, which lets you specify the authentication schemes you want to support. Even so, you might want to be wary of using digest authentication without HTTPS although digest authentication can be secure, some servers implement it in an unsecure way.
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files associated with the index. There are no right-clicks or double-clicks here. What you see is what you get. This file listing helps with determining whether or not the index needs to be optimized.
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Management may have the requirement that we keep track of all incoming requests to the system so that we can analyze its real-world use during the product launch. So, as obedient developers, we might code something into the implementation as follows:
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private void invokeRules(Account account, float withdrawalAmount, boolean isCheckClearance)
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Your first application is complete. Although it s functional, it contains a number of problems that your authors consider bad practices:
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Listing D.2 Updating the image-view frame in tempImageView.m
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The code that we shall develop here is based on the preceding illustration. The implementation we have chosen for the Abstract Factory pattern is not the usual inheritance-based one it also makes use of generics to simplify the creation of the factories. Instead of several factory subclasses, we have only one, and it is generic. A factory and its interface look like this:
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Exercise Solutions
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string_value_path_expression [NOT] LIKE pattern_value_
When setSuccessfulBid() is called, you set all bids to not successful. Doing so may trigger the loading of the collection a price you have to pay with this strategy. Then, the new successful bid is marked and set as an instance variable. Setting the flag updates the SUCCESSFUL column in the BID table when you save the objects. To complete this (and to fix the legacy schema), your database-level constraints need to do the same as this method. (We ll come back to constraints later in this chapter.) One of the things to remember about this literal join condition mapping is that it can be applied in many other situations, not only for successful or default relationships. Whenever you need some arbitrary join condition appended to your queries, a formula is the right choice. For example, you could use it in a
Datatype overview One of the great advantages Ant has over the alternatives to building and packaging Java applications is that it understands the primary problem domain, that of building Java projects. Most steps to build a typical Java project deal with files and paths (such as classpaths). Ant provides datatypes to handle these two concepts natively. You can think of an Ant datatype as similar to Java s own built-in core classes: data that can be passed around and provided to tasks. The fileset and path datatypes, and several others, form the basic building blocks of Ant build files. Classpath-related headaches are commonplace in Java development. Ant makes dealing with classpaths much more natural and pleasant than the command-line manual alternative, and provides for the reuse of defined classpaths wherever needed. For example, compiling source code requires that referenced classes be in the classpath. A path can be defined once for compilation with <javac>, and reused for execution (via <java>, covered in chapter 5). One of the consequences of classpaths being specified inside the build file is that Ant can be invoked without an explicitly defined system classpath, making it easy to install Ant and build a project with little or no environmental configuration.1 Another no less important consequence is that classpaths can be easily and tightly controlled. This reduces CLASSPATH configuration problems, both for compilation and execution. A set of files is a common entity to manipulate for such tasks as compiling, packaging, copying, deleting, and documenting. Defining a fileset of all .java files, for example, is straightforward:
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