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The pause method toggles the paused state of the slideshow. This is tracked by the boolean attribute this.paused. If the slideshow is already paused, the pause method calls startSlideShow, passing true as the resume property; otherwise it clears the transitionTimer attribute, which suspends all slide transitions until the pause button is clicked again. The final piece related to our slideshow functionality is to allow the slideshow to be augmented with additional RSS feeds via a select box and add button. We saw in the applyButtonBehaviors() function that the add button calls the addFeed method. Let s implement that to round out our slideshow functionality (see listing 13.36).
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The parameter, ProductCategoryID (highlighted in the above code snippet), preceded by the @ character, assumes the value of the selected radio button. When the page first loads and none of the radio buttons are selected, this query returns nothing, so the GridView does not display. But as soon as a value is selected, the query returns rows and they display in the GridView. To see this, drag a GridView control from the Data section of the Toolbox onto the content area. Set its ID property to gvProducts and its DataKeyNames property to ProductID. In Design view, click on its Smart Tag and set its Data Source to be sqlProducts. While the Smart Tag is open, check the Enable Paging, Enable Sorting, and Enable Selection checkboxes, as shown in Figure 10-8.
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Testing and deployment in J2EE
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myVariable = 5;
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Note that you can exit full-screen mode using the Escape key. The value that s set when you choose one of these NonFullScreenPageMode options can be found as an entry in the /ViewerPreferences dictionary.
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public class DialogExample extends Spotlet implements DialogOwner { ... public void showDialog() { Dialog info = new Dialog(this,"Info","This is an example Dialog.\n\n" + "Button: a simple button user interface object. Note that this button "+ "causes actions to occur when it is pressed, not when it is released. " + "Therefore it is currently impossible for a user to cancel a button " + "selection once it has started! Bitmap buttons do not have a border " + "drawn around them. If you want your bitmap button to have a border, " + "include the border in the bitmap.", "OK"); info.showDialog(); } public void dialogDismissed(java.lang.String title) { if (title.equals("Info")) { //...do something } }
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FullTextSession ftSession = Search.getFullTextSession(session); org.hibernate.Query query = ftSession.createFullTextQuery( luceneQuery, Item.class); Return matching Items query = ftSession.createFullTextQuery( luceneQuery); Return all matching indexed entities query = ftSession.createFullTextQuery( luceneQuery, Item.class, Actor.class);
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Session newSession = getSessionFactory().openSession(); Transaction newTransaction = newSession.beginTransaction(); List messages = newSession.find("from Message as m order by m.text asc"); System.out.println( messages.size() + " message(s) found:" ); for ( Iterator iter = messages.iterator(); iter.hasNext(); ) { Message message = (Message) iter.next(); System.out.println( message.getText() ); } newTransaction.commit(); newSession.close();
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Now that you ve generated this certificate, upload it to the server, and place it in the directory where you ll be putting the provider script.
9: Functional Programming
18.1 Introducing AutoMapper
WHERE :item MEMBER OF c.items
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