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Multidimensional Arrays
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@Stateless public class BidEAOImpl implements BidEAO { @PersistenceContext(unitName = "actionBazaar") private EntityManager em;
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Now map this as a collection of components in the Category class:
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being dragged from the browser and turned into a JWS application. (Okay, okay, it s not actually magic!) I hope this chapter, as well as being a fun little project, has demonstrated how easy it is to move JavaFX software from one environment to another and how simple it is to move multimedia elements from artist to programmer. The addition of a Stage extension was all it took to add applet-specific capabilities to our Enigma machine, and conversion into FXZ files was all it took to turn our vector images into programmable elements in our project. There are plans to bring JavaFX to many different types of device in the future. The ability to leap across environments in a single bound would be a welcome change to the current drudgery of moving applications between platforms. The bonus section revealed how entire UIs could be drawn by a designer and then hooked up directly into JavaFX code. Imagine if we could switch the whole design of our application for desktop, mobile, or TV by merely choosing which FXZ file was loaded on startup! It s this sense of freedom, in both how we work and where our code can run, that will be central to JavaFX as it evolves in years to come. So much for the future. For now, I ll just set the Enigma rotors to an appropriate three letters (I ll let you guess what they might be) and leave you with the simple departing message NIAA CHZ ZBPS DVD AWOBHC RKNAHI.
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Example 1: database connection pooling
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- 227 ^ 213, 227 ! 227 227 227 ( ) 227 { 227 } 227 * 227 \ 227 && 227 + 227 || 227 ~. See tilde AJAX 143 AliastoBeanConstructorResultTransformer 192 AliastoBeanResultTransformer 192 Altavista 12 Amazon 5, 183, 249 book search screen example 5, 7 @Analyzer 218 @AnalyzerDef 127 analyzers 15, 31, 45, 53, 83, 116, 125, 216 223, 415 apply 127 applying manually 219 automatically applied to a query 221 defining for specific field 83 definition 127 filter 127 global 83, 220, 223 mixing 84 non-English language 130 oddities 217 218 performance 277 query-synonyms 217 specify a definition 127 tokenizer 127 annotations 67 ANT 400 Apache Commons Codec 131 Collection 270 Apache Lucene. See Lucene Apache Software Foundation 29 Apache Solr 20, 126 analyzers 216 ApacheCon 2007 388 apache-solr-analyzer.jar 216 apostrophe 125, 128 appliance solutions 19 application server 30 approximation 44 architecture 121, 145, 310 array 109 synchronized 228 associated objects 110 association 284 bidirectional 110 performance 277 See also relationship async 146 asynchronous 277 clustering 314 copy (index) 124 mode 316 attribute, access 75 Automatic optimization 291
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4: Saving and Retrieving Data
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All of the checkout code (except for the code in the CheckLookup.vb form) appears in the main form s class. Checkout is one of the eight main display panels accessed through this form (see Figure 20-11). Here s the process for checking out items from the checkout panel: 1. The user clicks the Patron button and identifies the patron who will check out items. 2. The user enters the title or bar code for each item to check out, and clicks the Check Out button for each one. 3. The user clicks the Finish button when checkout is complete.
Sets layers for PdfTemplate
<class name="Item" table="ITEM"> ... <many-to-one name="seller" class="User" column="SELLER_ID" update="false" not-null="true" lazy="no-proxy"/> ... </class>
3 showed how Hibernate Search maps an entity, its superclasses, and its properties. But it made no mention of another structural mapping problem: relationships. Both in the database model and in the object model, it s possible to create associations between two entities. Databases traditionally employ four types of associations:
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