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We ve now customized the URL schema for our website. We ve done this with complete control over our URLs, and without modifying where we keep our controllers and actions. This means that any ASP.NET MVC developer can come and look at our application and know exactly where everything is. This is a powerful concept. Next, we ll discover how to use the routing system from within our application.
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The USERS table requires a DEFAULT_BILLING_DETAILS_TYPE column in addition to the DEFAULT_BILLING_DETAILS_ID. This extra column works as an additional discriminator and requires a Hibernate <any> mapping in User.hbm.xml:
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/** * Correlates to the env-entry within ejb-jar.xml, to be used as an override from the default */ private static final String EXPECTED_CIPHERS_PASSPHRASE = "OverriddenPassword"; /** * Correlates to the env-entry within ejb-jar.xml, to be used as an override from the default */ private static final String EXPECTED_ALGORITHM_MESSAGE_DIGEST = "SHA"; /** * Define the deployment */ @Deployment public static JavaArchive createDeployment() throws MalformedURLException { final JavaArchive archive = ShrinkWrap.create("slsb.jar", JavaArchive.class ).addClasses(EncryptionBean.class, EncryptionCommonBusiness.class, EncryptionLocalBusiness.class, EncryptionRemoteBusiness.class, EncryptionException.class).addManifestResource( new URL(EncryptionIntegrationTestCase.class.getProtectionDomain().get CodeSource().getLocation(), "../classes/META-INF/ejb-jar.xml"), "ejb-jar.xml"); //TODO SHRINKWRAP-141 Make addition of the ejb-jar less verbose; return archive; } // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Tests ---------------------------------------------------------------------|| // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /* * These tests will use the EJB set up in test initialization */ /** * @see {@link EncryptionTestCaseSupport#assertHashing(EncryptionCommon Business)} */ @Test public void testHashing() throws Throwable { // Log"testHashing"); // Test via superclass this.assertHashing(encryptionLocalBusiness);
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The concepts involved in building J2ME applications for devices that are as constrained and varied as cellular phones and set-top boxes often requires a shift in thinking for developers. For non-technical people that are sponsoring, recommending or providing the business vision for the development of such applications, the required shift in thinking may not come as naturally or as quickly as desired. Keeping with the chapter focus on mobile and wireless devices, stakeholders must be informed and knowledgeable about the paradigm of mobile and wireless computing. Developing mobile and wireless applications requires people to think differently about how tasks are performed on computing devices. For nontechnical people who are used to desktop or even mainframe, terminal-based computers, the shift to mobile and wireless devices can be difficult. The familiar way of doing things may not make sense, be appropriate or even be possible on a mobile device. When dealing with stakeholders it is essential to understand the motivation behind creating a mobile and wireless solution. In some cases, the initial thinking for developing mobile applications may be something along the lines of: providing access to the enterprise on a cellular phone or PDA decreasing the need for a mobile worker to be in the office improving communication in the field replacing expensive laptop computers with smaller, cheaper devices
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Similar to the TreeView, the SiteMapPath provides many ways to customize the look and feel. Click on the Auto Format item in the Smart Tag shown in Figure 6-25 to see a number of predefined formats. Alternatively, the Properties window provides a similar, if smaller, set of properties, as it did for the TreeView. In the previous example, the bread crumbs separated the various pages with the greater-than symbol (>). This is easy to change with the PathSeparator property. For example, to use an arrow as the separator symbol, edit the SiteMapPath control in Source view to look like the following:
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transition path from EJB is not clear. Let s consider the ways in which the specification team might make a transition:
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Notice that the syntax for extending an interface is the same as that for deriving from a class. This extended interface defines only one new method (LogSavedBytes( )), but any class implementing this interface must also implement the base interface (ICompressible) and all its members. (In this sense, it is reasonable to say that an ILoggedCompressible object is an ICompressible object.)
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Developing with the Ajax Control Toolkit
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Compiling the source code Preparing the database Performing tests Analyzing the code Creating installation routines and deploying Creating documentation
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Now the top and bottom margins are mirrored instead of the left and right margins. But maybe we re getting ahead of ourselves. We re already adding content, but we haven t yet discussed step C in listing 1.1 in the PDF creation process.
Using intents to make calls
CHAPTER 11 Animal a = new Animal(); a.setId(1); a.setName("Elephant"); session.persist(a); a = new Animal(); a.setId(2); a.setName("Bear"); session.persist(a); tx.commit(); session.clear(); }
Programmers often talk about this as though the short were being turned into an int. What is actually happening is that the compiler is accepting a short where it expects to find an int, because that is a safe thing to do. Implicit conversion works only when there is no possibility of loss of data, though. Take a look at this:
Or you can simply use the overloaded concatenation (+) operator:
Java-style syntax
Advanced query techniques
3.1 The CaveatEmptor application
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