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It seems somewhat disproportionate, forty-some lines of Ant build file to compile a ten-line program, but think of what those lines of build file do: they compile the program, package it, run it, and can even clean up afterwards. More importantly, if we added a second Java file to the program, how many lines of code need to change in the build file Zero. As long as the build process does not change, you can now add
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Font garamondItalic = FontFactory.getFont( "Garamond", BaseFont.WINANSI, BaseFont.EMBEDDED, 12, Font.ITALIC); document.add(new Paragraph("Garamond-Italic", garamondItalic));
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The ASP.NET Futures CTP is a package containing additional features that are supposed to be included in the next releases of ASP.NET AJAX. These features aren t supported by Microsoft and are provided as Community Technical Preview (CTP) code for evaluation purposes. You can download the Futures CTP installer from the official ASP.NET AJAX website. When you run it, a wizard will guide you through the installation process, as shown in figure A.5. The installation directory contains the following:
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The main object used to pass model information to a view is the ViewDataDictionary class. Like other MVC frameworks, ASP.NET MVC exposes a dictionary to enable the controller action to pass any number of model objects and information to the view. With a dictionary object, we can pass as many items as need be for the view to render appropriately. For example, consider a profile page where users can view other users profiles, but only the currently logged-in user can edit their profile. To display the profile information on the profile screen, we can pass in the Profile object, shown in listing 3.2, directly to the view.
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There s no sense in postponing the introduction to the localization features of Visual Studio, since they are so easy to use. You already know about the application-wide project properties resource editor. Instead, let s look at the amazing part: localizing forms and controls right in the Visual Studio form editor. You might as well start up Visual Studio and try it out with me, because it s just so fun. Here s a cute but relatively harmless Windows Forms application that writes your name upside down. I added some Label controls, a TextBox control, and a PictureBox control to a form, as shown in Figure 19-3.
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We don t want to get too hung up on the details of the game play, so let s just assume that our code needs to know where the walls are in order to work out where the player can or can t move next, and whether she has a clean shot to take out the baddies chasing her through the maze. We could represent this as an array of numbers, where 0 represents a gap and 1 represents a wall, as Example 7-21 shows. (We could also have used bool instead of int as the element type, as there are only two possible options: a wall or no wall. However, using true and false would have prevented each row of data from fitting on a single row in this book, making it much harder to see how Example 7-21 reflects the map in Figure 7-5. Moreover, using numbers leaves open the option to add exciting game features such as unlockable doors, squares of instant death, and other classics.)
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select items... select u.* from USERS u where u.USER_ID = select u.* from USERS u where u.USER_ID =
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Table A.7 Other Hibernate Search APIs Class DirectoryProvider Description Provides access to a Lucene Directory. Different DirectoryProviders provide access to different Directory storage systems or apply some index synchronization. Provides access to the (usually) shared Lucene IndexReaders. Lets you use Lucene natively while still benefiting from the Hibernate Search resourcecaching mechanism. Be sure to use the open and close methods together to avoid resource leaking. Implements a full-text filter-caching strategy. Class used uniquely to represent a filter and its filter parameters in a cache system. A default implementation, StandardFilterKey, is provided. Implements a simple custom field bridge that converts a property value in a string. Reference Section 5.1
var storageAccount = CloudStorageAccount.Parse( ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["DataConnectionString"]); CloudTableClient tableClient = storageAccount.CreateCloudTableClient(); tableClient.DeleteTable("Products");
AspectJ introduces AOP programming to Java by adding constructs to support dynamic and static crosscutting. Dynamic crosscutting modifies the behavior of the modules, while static crosscutting modifies the structure of the modules. Dynamic crosscutting consists of pointcut and advice constructs. AspectJ exposes the join points in a system through pointcuts. The support of wildcard matching in pointcuts offers a powerful yet simple way to capture join points without knowing the full details. The advice constructs provide a way to express actions at the desired join points. Static crosscutting, which can be used alone or in support of dynamic crosscutting, includes the constructs of member introduction, type hierarchy modification, and compile-time declarations. The overall result is a simple and programmer-friendly language supporting AOP in Java. At this point, if you haven t already done so, you may want to download and install the AspectJ compiler and tools. Appendix A explains where to find the compiler and how to install it. Together, this chapter and the previous one should get you started on AspectJ, but for complex programs, you will need to learn a few more concepts, such as exception softening and aspect association. We present these concepts and more in the next chapter.
Figure 12.5 The integration of business logic with business rules using AspectJ. Advice Executor is a conceptual object created by the AspectJ compiler through the weaving process that automatically invokes advice associated with all significant operations in all business classes.
The TableValueSetter class s constructor takes all the parameters needed to invoke the operation. The run() method simply invokes the setValueAt() method using those parameters. Similarly, TableRowRemover in listing 6.9 implements Runnable to allow the routing of DefaultTableModel.removeRow().
For the credit-card-processing subsystem, we only need to support a few features. First, we must be able to accept new transactions, which will be added to the pending queue. Next, we ll supply callers with a mechanism to schedule a batch-processing job. As a convenience, we ll also expose support to obtain the current pending transactions and a way to immediately process them. When a scheduled processing event is fired, it ll be able to simply call upon the business method to process.
Doug Lea s Concurrency library: http://gee.cs.oswego.edu/dl/classes/EDU/oswego/cs/dl/util/ concurrent/intro.html Jess 6.1: http://herzberg.ca.sandia.gov/jess/ Ant: http://ant.apache.org
The implementation of the Memento pattern relies on the .NET Serialization API, which we saw before when discussing the Prototype pattern. Thus, we ll move straight on to the theory code in Example 10-3. The program shows how strings can be saved out to mementos and then restored if the first character of the line is a *, as in *UNDO (line 131). Thus, mistakes in the data for the Originator can be corrected.
Listing 5.6 The GalleryPath property contains the location where web parts are stored for the custom gallery.
import javax.ejb.*; public aspect DetectEJBViolations { pointcut uiCalls() : call(* java.awt.*+.*(..)); declare error : uiCalls() && within(EnterpriseBean+) : "UI calls are not allowed from EJB beans.\n See EJB 2.0 specification section 24.1.2";
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