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Example 9-2. Iterator pattern LINQ code
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<class name="User" table="USER"> <meta attribute="scope-set">private</meta> ... </class>
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Adding a page
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But that s another day. Right now, our customer is getting nervous. Let s put our money where our mouth is with an automated response time test for the catalog service.
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16.5.3 Testing the persistence layer
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XDoclet came to the rescue in order to avoid the manual creation of all this code. Having these classes autogenerated also reduced the maintenance headaches involved when we renamed, added, or removed a field. A sample value object looks like:
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Whenever Hibernate updates a comment, it uses the version column in the SQL WHERE clause:
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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
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Usually when building a large application, you will use something like Ant to make it simpler. Because this is only one class, we are not going to bother building an Ant script for it. To build it, the only JAR files you need on the classpath are ibatis-common-2.jar and ibatis-sqlmap-2.jar, so we will just key them in on the command line to the Java compiler:
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Habits of highly effective build files
Caching in practice
This appendix
classloaders: the original Ant classloader and the new one. Either fork or track down the errant JAR in the parent or child classloader and remove it. You cannot execute a JAR in the same JVM; you must fork instead. Alternatively, you can specify the actual class inside to run, although then any JAR files referenced in the manifest will not be loaded automatically. Memory hungry or leaky Java programs should run in their own JVM with an appropriate memory size defined. Forking also lets you run code in a version of Java that is different from the one you started with. With all these reasons to fork, you might feel that it is not worth trying to run in the same JVM, but there is no need to worry. Most programs run perfectly well inside the Ant JVM, so well that it soon becomes a more convenient way of starting Java programs than shell scripts or batch files, primarily because it makes setting up the classpath so easy. It also only takes one attribute setting to move a program into its own JVM. 5.2.1 Introducing the <java> task The name of the task to start Java programs is, not very surprisingly, <java>. It has many options, and is well worth studying. We demonstrated it briefly in our introductory build file in chapter 2. Now it is time to study it in-depth. First, let s look at running our own code, by calling a routine to search over the index files we have somehow created. The Java class to do this is simple, taking two arguments: the name of an index directory and the search term. It then searches the index for all entries containing the term. Listing 5.1 shows the entry point.
There are other benefits of inheritance, but there are also many risks. Inheritance is notoriously inflexible for modeling business domains. Business is often too complex to commit to a single hierarchy. This is especially true in a language such as Java, where you can only extend from a single superclass (single inheritance). Even if your programming language of choice supports multiple inheritance, it still may not be the best choice. Many patterns and best practices that have emerged over the years have suggested favoring alternatives to inheritance. These alternatives include:
foreach (var day in eventsByDay) { Console.WriteLine("Events for " + day.Key); foreach (var item in day) { Console.WriteLine(item.Title); } }
Jbed provides a means to set both the displayed name and large icon. In order to set the icon of the application, first create an icon using your favorite drawing tool. The icon must be in Windows bitmap form and should not exceed 22 22 pixels in size. Icons up to 32 32 pixels will work, but the name of the application will display over the top of the bottom portion of the icon. Additionally, the icons are restricted to a one-bit color depth. In other words, the icons have only two colors: black and white. In some development environments, the developer can also provide the small icon. In these cases, the small icon must not exceed 9 pixels high and 15 pixels wide. After creating a bitmap to be used as the large icon for an application, place the bitmap in the appropriate icon directory. For Jbed version 1.3, the icon is to be placed in either the Jbed home directory or Palm subdirectory within Jbed s home directory. Name the bitmap file the same as the anticipated PRC file but with a .bmp file extension. Now, when the application is linked, Jbed adds the bitmap to the PRC and associates the new bitmap with the application for display on the Palm device. The name of the application can also be set through Jbed. As can be seen from figure 8.9, the name of our application, HiSmallWorld, is a bit too big for display in the icon list. The operating system truncates the name for display purposes and lists it as HiSmallWo... . Therefore, to have an application that displays better in this listing, we shorten the displayed name of our HiSmallWorld application to HiWorld. We set the name of the application by providing a setting in the LINKER section of the project properties file. Next to the output tag in the LINKER section, put the desired name of the application, in this case HiWorld, as shown in figure 8.10.
Process 1
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