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invocations. This makes it possible for methods to be interdependent such that changes made to the bean s state in one method call can affect the results of subsequent method invocations. Therefore, every method call from a client must be serviced by the same instance (at least conceptually), so the bean instance s state can be predicted from one method invocation to the next. In contrast, stateless session beans don t maintain client-specific data from one method call to the next, so any instance can be used to service any method call from any client. Although stateful session beans maintain conversational state, they are not themselves persistent; the state of a SFSB is lost when the session is removed, the session times out, or the server restarts. Persistent state in EJB is modeled by the entity bean, which we cover starting in 9. Because SFSBs are often considered extensions of the client, we may think of a client as being composed from a combination of operations and state. Each task may rely on some information gathered or changed by a previous operation. A GUI client is a perfect example: when you fill in the fields on a GUI client, you are creating conversational state. Pressing a button executes an operation that might fill in more fields, based on the information you entered previously. The information in the fields is conversational state. Stateful session beans allow you to encapsulate some of the business logic and conversational state of a client and move it to the server. Moving this logic to the server thins the client application and makes the system as a whole easier to manage. The stateful session bean acts as an agent for the client, managing processes or taskflow to accomplish a set of tasks; it manages the interactions of other beans in addition to direct data access over several operations to accomplish a complex set of tasks. By encapsulating and managing taskflow on behalf of the client, stateful beans present a simplified interface that hides the details of many interdependent operations on the database and other beans from the client.
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Associations in Hibernate define relations between tables. In the previous example, you have two tables, events and locations, and two objects, Event and Location. So the general usage is one table equals one object. Sometimes it is useful to have a more granular relationship, where one table equals more than one object. Hibernate allows you to do this by using components. Components are not entities, like their
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Intents and Services
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package com.manning.hq.ch02; public class EventCalendar {
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// begin transaction... entityManager.lock(item, LockModeType.READ); ... System.out.println(item.getInitialPrice());
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Java was developed in the early to mid-1990s. Actually, Java, or more appropriately Oak as Java was first called, was a by-product of Sun s Green Project. The goal of the Green Project was to develop a set of networked consumer electronic devices that could be programmed from a device similar to a personal digital assistant. The Green Project team (the Green team) believed digitally controlled consumer devices (TV, VCR, video disc players, etc.) and computer technologies were starting to come together. However, the Green team was confounded in their efforts because the diverse set of devices they wanted to connect all used different hardware and programming firmware. A single programming language to handle their needs was not
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The rows and columns in Figure 20-2 are different sizes. This is because of the settings on the <RowDefinition> and <ColumnDefinition> elements. The first column s Width has been set to Auto, so it takes its size from the widest child in that column. In this case, only one child belongs exclusively to that column, so the column is exactly wide enough to hold it. The other two columns are at their default width, the value 1*, which causes them to share the remaining space equally. The rows use similar features, except the first row has a fixed height of 30, so it ignores the size of the content and makes every element 30 pixels high. The final row is Auto sized, and since its content has a large font size, it ends up being fairly tall. And the middle two rows use so-called star sizing, so as with the second and third columns, they end up sharing the space left over. However, since they have different star size values 1* and 2* they get different amounts of space. The 2* row gets to be twice the height of the 1* row. Note that the ratios are all that matter with star sizing changing 1* and 2* to 10* and 20* would not change the outcome in this example, because 20* is still twice as large as 10*. So as you can see, a grid can use fixed sizes, it can base sizes on the content at hand, or it can divide the available space proportionally. This makes it a pretty flexible layout mechanism. You can build dock-style layouts where elements are aligned to the top, bottom, left, or right of the available space through the use of Auto sized rows and columns, and by making elements span all the available rows when docking to the left or right, or all the columns when docking to the top or the bottom. You can also stack elements horizontally or vertically by using multiple rows or columns with Auto sizes. And as we ll see, it s even possible to exercise precise control over the size and position of elements within the grid. One slight problem is that your Xaml can get a little verbose when using grids. So there are some simpler panel types.
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toggle is a complex and somewhat special class. It can only be used inside rows, and it must include three additional classes: thumb, toggleOn, and toggleOff. The thumb class
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23: Web Development
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Administrative Features
Writing an interceptor A logEvent() method should be called automatically when you call save(). The best way to do this with Hibernate is to implement the Interceptor interface. Listing 12.1 shows an interceptor for audit logging.
Before you get too excited, let s remember that mixing analyzers should be left to specific cases. In particular, analyzers used to build the query should be compatible with analyzers used to index the queried data; mixing analyzers makes query building more complex. 7 and specifically section 7.2.3 go into the details of this problem. The next section describes boost factors. Briefly, boost factors alter the influence a given field has on the relevance of a document. Splitting the different analyzer strategies into two different fields allows us to decide if we want to use the phonetic approach to build the query. For example, we might want to try exact matches before backing up to a phonetic approach if the result list is desperately empty.
Begin Parsing
protected void Application_Start() { RegisterRoutes(RouteTable.Routes); ModelMetadataProviders.Current = new ConventionProvider(); }
Following is a full listing of all source code used in this runnable example.
The P is short for Platform, because this facility was originally intended only to provide access to the underlying platform API. In fact, you can use it to call functions in any DLL it s not limited to DLLs that are part of the Win32 API.
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