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<tomcat-users> <user name="admin" password="password" roles="manager" /> ... </tomcat-users>
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}; return customers;
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This chapter covers
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Deploying and unit testing
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Table 2.1 The JAX family Java APIs for XML processing
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A decorator enhances an object without changing its interface and should be transparent to the application. An adapter is not transparent, as it is the named implementation of the interface the client sees. The Proxy pattern does not change any interfaces; it defines substitute objects for other objects. From a certain point of view, the Fa ade pattern is also adapting requests: it transforms high-level requests into a sequence of lower-level requests. The Fa ade s intent is to hide complexity, and the Fa ade subsystems are not intended to be accessible by the client. To complete the picture, we can classify the Adapter and Fa ade patterns according to the mechanisms shown in Table 4-2.
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476 | Appendix C: Stateful Session EJB: FTP Client Example
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very business has room for improvement. Skyscrapers can be taller, cars can be faster even grass can be greener. CI isn t any different. There s always room to do it better an opportunity for smoothing and polishing. In the last part of this book (chapters 9 through 12), you ll squeeze even more from the CI process. You ll extend it with automatically documentation generation, using the .NET XML documentation feature to build readable technical documentation right from the source code. We ll continue the discussion with deployment and delivery techniques in CI. You ll learn how to sleep well, knowing that your software is always ready to be deployed. We ll look at continuous database integration. And in the last chapter, we ll peek into highscale CI setups. CI can be extended ad absurdum. The key is, as usual, to maintain balance to include everything you need and nothing else. You shouldn t try to pack everything into the CI process: remember that you need the build feedback as soon as possible. The entire CI process should take less than 10 minutes, so choose wisely what you include. Leave the rest for regular nightly or weekly builds. In this section of the book, we ll help you choose. After reading this part, you ll be able to produce nice-looking technical documentation out of the comments in your code during the periodic CI build. You ll have enough know-how to automate the software deployment in various scenarios. You ll know how to bind CI with database management and how to scale CI. If you want to make your CI process shine, keep reading: we ll teach you how to polish it!
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If your web part does expose multiple consumer or provider endpoints and you fail to specify the identity of the endpoint when you configure the connection, the web part framework will look for an endpoint named default, as this is the Figure 3.6 The error shown to the user when an endpoint cannot be ascertained at runtime. standard name given to providers by the web part framework when the providers are created with no specific ID. If the web part fails to locate a provider with that name, that endpoint will not be created, and the ConnectErrorMessage will be displayed on the web part associated with the endpoint created for the connection. Figure 3.6 shows how the error would appear to an end user. All the connections we ve seen so far are referred to as static connections connections that are declared in the StaticConnections section of a WebPartManager. The participants of static connections are always known at design time and hardwired so that they do not change. Once they have been declared, the only attribute of static connections that can be altered is whether or not the connection is enabled. Static connections always have a shared scope meaning that any changes made to a static connection affect every user and not just the user making the change. Another kind of connection exists which allows connections to be discovered and created at runtime dynamic connections. As described in the next section, dynamic connections add a great deal of flexibility to a portal because not all of their details need to be known in advance. 3.3.2 Dynamic connections When using static connections, we saw that we needed to know the details of the web parts which were going to be participating in the connection in advance. That works well when the web parts are declared within a page, but what happens when they are not For example, how do we connect web parts that are dynamically loaded at runtime from a CatalogZone The answer can be found in dynamic connections.
You want to send a point-to-point message.
Table 11.1 Example coordinates for the emulator to set using the DDMS tool Description Golden Gate Bridge, California Mount Everest, Nepal Ayer s Rock, Australia North Pole South Pole Latitude degrees 37 49' N 27 59' N 25 23' S 90 00' N 90 00' S Longitude degrees 122 29' W 86 56' E 131 05' E Latitude decimal 37.49 27.59 -25.23 90.00 -90.00 Longitude decimal -122.29 86.56 131.05
Reads the data off the message
var myObj=new MyObject();
iBATIS data access objects
To illustrate how the method works, let s rewrite the add function to ensure that you operate on the right parameter types (see listing 13.4).
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