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Behind the scene graph
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Calling a stored procedure
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1.3.6 Other options
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namespace Exercise_12_3 { public class Invoice { private string vendor; private double amount; // constructor public Invoice(string vendor, double amount) { this.vendor = vendor; this.amount = amount; } // Overloaded operator + takes two invoices. // If the vendors are the same, the two amounts are added.
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The class is pretty simple; it exists to maintain a simple count of bees. But by overloading the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and CType operators, we can use instances of bees with a more natural syntax.
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Converts a value to a UInteger. Converts a value to a ULong. Converts a value to a UShort.
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14.4 Migrating CMP 2 entity beans to the EJB 3 JPA
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Then, once you are sure the ViewState object exists, you retrieve it by using the CType function to explicitly convert the object to the desired type. This is necessary no matter what type is stashed into the ViewState object, because regardless of what type of object is stashed in the bag, what comes out is of type Object unless you convert it back.
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the term Android/Linux to refer to the Linux underpinnings of the Android platform. We also use the term Android/Java to refer to a Java application built using the Android SDK and Eclipse. C language mastery on this platform is powerful because much of the C language development process involves porting existing, open source Linux code to the mobile platforms. This technique has the potential benefit of speeding up development for adding future functionality to Android by leveraging existing code bases. 19 examines the Android Native Developer s kit (NDK). Using the NDK, programmers can leverage existing C code and map those routines to applications written in Java. This chapter doesn t use the NDK, but rather looks at building standalone C applications capable of running on the Android platform. We demonstrate the specific steps of building an Android/Linux application in C. We begin with a description of the environment and the required tool chain. After an obligatory Hello World caliber application, you ll construct a more sophisticated application that implements a DayTime Server. Ultimately any application built for Android/Linux needs to bring value to the user in some form. In an effort to meet this objective, it s desirable that Android/Java be able to interact in a meaningful manner with our Android/Linux application. To that end, you ll build a traditional Android application using Java in Eclipse to interact with the Android/Linux server application. Let s get started with an examination of the requirements for building your first C application for Android.
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<target name="if"> <if> <equals arg1="${foo}" arg2="bar" /> <then> <echo message="The value of property foo is bar" /> </then> <else> <echo message="The value of property foo is not bar" /> </else> </if> </target>
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Hopefully, in the future, the Windows Azure Table service team will support a less verbose serialization format, such as JSON, and will also support local data shaping (explained later on in this section). JSON would be an ideal format to support because WCF Data Services (but not the Table service implementation) already supports this method of serialization. Using JSON would require few changes to your application code, but you d gain large benefits in terms of reduced bandwidth. The following code shows how the previously returned Atom XML could be represented in JSON:
Table 8.2 Returns void
Configuration tips
unless they are absolutely necessary. Even then, we recommend you rethink your application logic. Leading wildcards can cause almost geometric performance degradation with index size the larger the index size, the more degradation there is. Be careful, and test and quantify everything!
You add the call just before the opening brace for the body of the constructor, and prefix it with a colon. We can also use this technique to avoid writing common initialization code multiple times. Say we wanted to provide another utility constructor that just took the polar coordinates, and initialized the altitude to zero by default. Instead of repeating all the code from the first constructor, we could just add this extra constructor to our definition for PolarPoint3D, as shown in Example 3-30.
Figure 12.2 interface
used directly by applications. Applications requiring Reader capabilities should use InputStreamReader. InputStreamReader
Presentation Layer Utility and Helper Classes
Location, location, location
Developing with the Ajax Control Toolkit
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