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@Resource(name="jdbc/TurtleDS") public void setDataSource(DataSource dataSource) { this.dataSource = dataSource; }
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After you ve done this, you can get to the orientation property. It returns a constant drawn from UIDeviceOrientation. This looks exactly like the results from a view controller s orientation property except there are three additional values, shown in table 10.1. These three additional values are one reason you may want to access the UIDevice object rather than examine orientation using a view controller.
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var int1 = 10; var int2 = 10; int1 *= 2; int2 *= 5; var int3 = 9 mod (4+2*2); var num:Number = 1.0/(2.5).intValue(); def dec = 16; def hex = 0x10; def oct = 020; // 16 in decimal // 16 in hexadecimal // 16 in octal
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Solution to Question 10-4. Arrays are reference types and are created on the heap. Solution to Question 10-5. The highest index in any array is always represented by Length - 1. Solution to Question 10-6. You can explicitly call new or just imply the size of the array. For example, if you have three Employee objects named moe, larry, and curly:
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One of the stated objectives for this chapter is to connect the Java UI to our DayTime Server application. This section demonstrates the construction of a Daytime Client application, which communicates with our DayTime Server via TCP sockets.
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Now when we compile the class with the aspects, we get the following output. You can observe that the before advice of the derived class was executed before that of the base class:
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- (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(UIApplication *)application { [window setBackgroundColor:[UIColor redColor]];
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Figure A.1 The AddNoise (a), Blur (b) and Charcoal (c) filters.
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No, I m not Nostradamus. It is just that the random algorithm is actually entirely predictable, given a particular seed. Normally that seed comes from Environment.Tick Count, which means that you normally see different behavior each time. Thus, we have the illusion of randomness. But this isn t good enough for encryption purposes;
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Figure 5.18 TFS Build Notification showing build results
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Listing 2.8 The Verbs property is used to associate custom verbs with a web part.
If you look at the migrated methods (insertBid in section 14.5.2 and getBids) and compare them with the original methods in BidDAOImpl, they should look much simpler. You can follow our guidelines to migrate all your JDBC DAO code to use the EJB 3 Persistence API with very little impact on the business tier of your applications. Don t you just love it Next we tackle migrating applications that currently use O/R frameworks over to our new friend, the EJB 3 JPA.
424 | Appendix A: FirstEJB Example
CGDataConsumerRef, CGRect, CGDictionaryRef
Our new SmartBinder class takes an array of IFilteredModelBinders B, which we ll fill in soon. Next, it overrides the BindModel method C, which loops through all the supplied IFilteredModelBinders and checks to see if any match the ModelType from the ModelBindingContext D. If there s a match, we execute and return the result from BindModel for that IFilteredModelBinder E. The complete class diagram is shown in figure 14.1.
Figure 11.15 A Cradle-Synchronized application obtains applications and data from another computing environment and sends back any data modified on the device. Under this model, new data elements may originate from either environment (in this example, the desktop or the device). New data elements are added to the originating environment upon synchronization. There is no wireless exchange of applications or data under this model. The device is mobile, but is synchronized through a cradle or a wire connection to another environment.
The array @cube_sides holds the coordinates that define the six sides of a cube with sides of length 2 centered around the origin. These coordinates have to be defined in a certain order to make sure that the normal of each of the sides points in the correct direction. We simply define a cube with sides of length 2 here, and scale it appropriately in each direction to create a smaller or larger cube, or stretch it when we want rectangular sides. The subroutine cube() takes three optional arguments, which are the scaling factors in the x, y and z directions. If the scaling in the z direction isn t specified, it defaults to the scaling factor in the y direction. If that isn t specified, it defaults to the scaling factor in the x direction, and if that isn t specified, it defaults to 1. So, if only one argument is given, the cube is scaled uniformly in all three directions, according to that argument. If no argument is given, a cube with side 1 will be drawn. The coordinate system is scaled according to the arguments. Notice that we divide the arguments by 2, to account for the fact that the cube defined by @cube_sides has sides of length two. By dividing each scaling factor by 2, we ensure that we are working on a cube with sides 1. Once the coordinate system is set up, we draw our six polygons that define the six sides of the cube. The Polygon method takes as its first argument the number of vertices, and as its second argument a parameter list. In this case the only parameter is P, which defines a list of points, and its value is a reference to an array holding the coordinates of these points. Figure 9.3 shows a few frames out of the animations created with this program, using the default settings and with the --reverse flag specified.
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