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Managed Heap
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Figure 2-9. The SQL Developer start page There is not a great deal of basic configuration for SQL Developer that you need to do at this time. The out of the box settings are fairly good for most users, but there are a couple of items that are worth considering: setting the default script file location and disabling default extensions. It is usually a good idea to specify the default location for saving and running scripts. One minor annoyance with SQL Developer is that the settings for the file locations are spread among several different dialogs. Select Tools Preferences to bring up the Preferences dialog box, as shown in Figure 2-10. To set the Script location, select Databases Worksheet and enter the preferred location for scripts in the Select default path to look for scripts box.
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value returned from all of these functions is saved in a newly constructed object that is returned from the OpenExisting method . If no kernel object exists with the specified name, a WaitHandleCannotBeOpenedException is thrown . A common usage of the kernel-mode constructs is to create the kind of application that allows only one instance of itself to execute at any given time . Examples of single-instance applications are Microsoft Office Outlook, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Media Player, and Windows Media Center . Here is how to implement a single-instance application:
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Once you get over the excitement of outwitting the optimizer, you start having some troubling thoughts. Why is it that the optimizer doesn t unnest subqueries when using TOP In some cases it makes sense not to unnest when there s the possibility that the nested and unnested forms would yield different results. But there are cases, like in our query, where both forms would yield the same results. The SQL Server developers know that many programmers and DBAs use the TOP option as a way to force the optimizer not to unnest subqueries and therefore are reluctant to change this optimizer s behavior. But it s hard to say how long the developers would keep restraining the optimizer in this manner. What if in a future version of SQL Server or perhaps a future service pack the developers won t restrain the optimizer anymore Then SQL Server could internally translate our TOP query to the logically equivalent MAX or MIN version, and then you would get the inef cient plan for the aforementioned reasons. And if this is not confusing enough, see what happens if you make slight revisions (logically meaningless ones, mind you) to the MAX version of the solution:
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of IP traffic that are allowed for remote access VPN connections. With profile packet filters, you can configure the IP traffic that is allowed to be received
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23. On the License Agreement page, click Next.
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Java and .NET take fundamentally different approaches to the provision of XML parsing and transformation technologies. Java implements factory classes through which concrete parsers are created; parsers themselves are defined by a set of interfaces. This allows the programmer to use any compliant parser or transformer implementation that can be plugged into the generic XML framework. The .NET implementations are based on a set of abstract classes; customizing the parsers involves deriving new functionality from the existing base classes. The use of a custom parser requires the explicit instantiation of the customized class.
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2. What is the root domain of a namespace containing the FQDN first.domain1.local. a. None. The namespace has no root domain. b. domain1. c. local. d. (empty string).
2. You want to create a control that can be distributed as a DLL. The control contains
Computer Names and Name Suffixes
You are a developer working for Contoso, Ltd., a propane supplier. The company includes multiple subsidiaries that came about by acquisition. Each subsidiary has similar data. However, each database technology and schema is different. You have been asked to write a new application that each subsidiary will install to run its business. However, too much is tied to each subsidiary s database schema. Therefore, the individual databases will not be re-written. Thinking about how you will write this application, answer the following question.
The Calendar Control Page 328 Thursday, June 10, 2004 12:29 PM
Using Server Controls
The FCL ships 60 classes that implement the IAsyncResult pattern, including the following classes for which there is no equivalent class available that implements the EAP: the various Stream-derived classes (FileStream, IsolatedStorageFileStream, DeflateStream, GZipStream, and PipeStream), SqlCommand, and more . I should also point out that tools that produce Web service proxy classes, like WSDL .exe and SvcUtil .exe, can produce proxy classes that support both the APM and the EAP . If you look at the 17 classes listed above, they are all related to performing I/O-bound work except for one: BackgroundWorker . The BackgroundWorker class is designed for doing asynchronous compute-bound work, but unfortunately, a lot of developers use BackgroundWorker to perform synchronous I/O-bound work, which blocks a thread . I/Obound work should be performed using one of the other 16 EAP classes or any of the classes that support the APM . The BackgroundWorker class offers the following three events:
To configure TCP/IP properties for ROUTER1,
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