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Authenticating Administrators
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Working with the Office PivotTable Web Parts
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Our application now has its data and it knows that it was correct as of version 3 . Let s make some more changes to the data via the following commands:
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public string Text { get { return text; } set { text = value; this.alPalindromes = (ArrayList)this.ViewState["palindromes"]; if (this.alPalindromes == null)
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As the FileAttributes type shows, it s common to use enumerated types to express the set of bit flags that can be combined. However, although enumerated types and bit flags are similar, they don t have exactly the same semantics. For example, enumerated types represent single numeric values, and bit flags represent a set of flags, some of which are on and some of which are off. When defining an enumerated type that is to be used to identify bit flags, you should, of course, explicitly assign to each of the symbols numeric values that map to individual bits. It s also highly recommended that you apply the System.FlagsAttribute custom attribute type to the enumerated type, as shown here: 244
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Myth: People learn more when I wow them with special effects and spice up my presentations with razzle-dazzle. Truth: Research shows that people learn better when extraneous information is removed from a presentation.
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Full stress suite running nightly on at least 500 computers with no uninvestigated issues
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1. 2. 3. 4.
50 Windows XP FILESERVER2 Client Computers
<Application>.deploy.cmd The script that the IIS systems administrator will run, with administrative credentials, on the web server. The web server must have Web Deploy (MSDeploy.exe) installed. For more information about Web Deploy, go to linkid=9278654. <Application>.deploy-readme.txt The traditional readme file that administrators refer to before installing. You can edit this just like any text file to provide customized instructions. <Application>.sourcemanifest.xml Contains settings to be added to the IIS manifest. You or the administrator can edit this prior to deployment.
One of the first tasks that you may be prompted to do when you start SQL Developer for the first time is to locate the Java Development Kit (JDK). If you selected the option to download SQL Developer with the JDK, then java.exe will be included. In this example, SQL Developer is installed in C:\oracle\product\sqldeveloper and the location of the JDK will be in the subdirectory structure show in Figure 2-8.
FIGURE 2-20 The conventional PowerPoint approach does not help working memory to select the most important information.
When I run the code above, I get the following output:
6. Advanced Language Features
The first group of options on the General tab of the Internet Options dialog box allows you to define your home page for Internet Explorer. Click the Use Current button to define the current tab as home. Click Use Default to reset the home page to the setting that was established when your copy of Windows was installed (if you purchased Windows Vista with a new computer, this location was defined by the computer maker). Click Use Blank to open a single blank page (using the about:blank URI) when you start Internet Explorer. Unlike its predecessor, Internet Explorer 7 allows you to define multiple home pages, each of which loads in its own tab when you open a new browser session. You can create a multi-tab home page manually, by entering the addresses for all pages (each on its own line) in the box at the top of the General tab of the Internet Options dialog box. A simpler technique is to open only the page or pages you want to use, click the arrow to the right of the Home Page button, and then click Add or Change Home Page from the drop-down menu. The resulting dialog box, shown in Figure 6-7, allows you to use the current tab as your only home page, add the current tab to your existing home page configuration, or use all currently open tabs as your new home page.
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