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For executable applications (EXEs), the configuration file must be in the application s base directory, and it must be the name of the EXE file with .config appended to it . For Microsoft ASP .NET Web Form applications, the file must be in the Web application s virtual root directory and is always named Web .config . In addition, subdirectories can also contain their own Web .config file, and the configuration settings are inherited . For example, a Web application located at would use the settings in the Web .config files contained in the virtual root directory and in its Training subdirectory .
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Note A common problem exists when performing multiple asynchronous Hypertext Transfer
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This code implements a straightforward data-aggregation algorithm based on sorting. The cursor is defined on a query that sorts the data by shipperid and orderdate, and it scans the records in a forward-only, read-only mannerthe fastest scan you can get with a cursor. For each shipper, the code inspects the last row foundwhich happens to hold the maximum orderdate for that shipperand if that date is earlier than '20010101', the code emits the shipperid value. This code ran on my machine for 27 seconds. Imagine the run time in a larger Orders table that contains millions of rows. The next solution (call it set-based solution 1) is a natural GROUP BY query that many programmers would come up with: SELECT shipperid FROM dbo.Orders GROUP BY shipperid HAVING MAX(orderdate) < '20010101';
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Capture the Hashes
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AssemblyResolve, ReflectionOnlyAssemblyResolve, and TypeResolve events . In your call- c# example
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8. In the ribbon, click Save and Close. Now that the style sheet is ready, we ll update our Web page to reference it. Unlike the previous steps, we need to upload a file for this example instead of using the Text Editor. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Text Editor accessed on the web resource form removes all <link> tags from the <head> tag in the Rich Text tab. Because of this glitch, we need to upload Web Page (HTML) files instead of adding them to the Text Editor. Warning To use a relative style sheet with a Web Page (HTML) web resource, you must use the
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EXEC dbo.GetSortedShippers @colname = N'shipperid', @sortdir = N'D';
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if ( (DWORD)-1 != SuspendThread ( hThread ) ) { aThreadInfo[iCurrHandle].hThread hThread ; aThreadInfo[iCurrHandle].dwTID = aThreadIds[ i ] ; aThreadInfo[iCurrHandle].szStackWalk NULL; iCurrHandle++ ; } else { VERIFY ( CloseHandle ( hThread ) ) ; uiThreadHandleCount-- ; } } else { // Either this thread has some security set on // it or it happened to end right after I // collected the threads. need // to decrement the total thread handles or I // will be one off. TRACE( "Can't open thread: %08X\n" , aThreadIds [ i ] uiThreadHandleCount-- ; } } } } } // Drop the thread priority back down! SetThreadPriority ( GetCurrentThread ( ) , iOldPriority ) ; // Ensure the application resources are set up. JfxGetApp()->m_hInstResources = GetBSUInstanceHandle ( ) ; 121 ) ; Consequently, I = =
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if (defaultDB.ExecuteNonQuery(cmd) == 1) { // Update succeeded. } else { Console.WriteLine("ERROR: Could not update just one row."); }
FIGURE 9-25 The Setting, Role, Point A, and Point B slides of The Report.
Lesson 3: Working with ASP.NET Dynamic Data
Figure 8-6. Use the External Data toolbar to set query options.
You also already saw some examples of the COLUMN command. However, the SQL*Plus COLUMN command has many additional features, as you will learn in this section. The general syntax of the SQL*Plus COLUMN command is as follows: SQL> column [<col-name>|<expression>] [<option>...] If you don t specify any arguments at all, the COLUMN command produces a complete overview of all current column settings. If you specify <col-name>, you get only the settings of that column. Note that <col-name> is mapped with column aliases in the SELECT clause; that is, with the column headings of the final query result. You can use <expression> to influence SELECT clause expressions; make sure to copy the expression verbatim from the query. For <option>, you can specify various ways to handle the column. Table 11-3 shows a selection of the valid options for the COLUMN command.
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