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Update conflicts can occur when a transaction running in the snapshot isolation level reads a row at one point in time and then tries to modify the row at a later point . If SQL Server identifies that another transaction changed the row in between those two points in time, an update conflict occurs . Your transaction might be making calculations based on values it got by first reading the data, and later using the result of the calculation to update the data . If someone modifies the data between the time you first read it and the time you modify it, your modification might not be logically valid anymore . One feature of the snapshot isolation level is that it detects such update conflicts for you automatically . This allows you to use optimistic concurrency control . If you read and then modify a resource, and no one else modified the resource in between, the modification will work smoothly . But if someone did modify the resource in between, when you try to modify the resource SQL Server will detect the conflict and terminate your transaction, generating error 3960 . Typically, you want to retry the transaction in such a case . The logic is so similar to retrying in a case of a deadlock that there s nothing really much to add . The error-handling code in Listings 6-5 and 6-6 handles deadlocks (error 1205) and update conflicts (error 3960) the same way . To work with the snapshot isolation level, you must first enable it for the current database:
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This pane is designed to have two separate highlights. The currently selected object is highlighted by inverting its colors on the list. This is the object that you can currently amend on its properties page or by dragging it around the design surface.
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Sixth Normal Form
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Medium Automatically approves all security, critical, and de nition updates. This is
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you click the Add button when the Authentication-Type attribute is selected, the Authentication-Type dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 10-17. This dialog box allows you to choose which remote access connections, as specified by authentication protocol, will match the policy. In the example given, the policy is configured to match unauthenticated connections. Similarly, you can specify the particular elements for any attribute you choose to serve as the conditions for a policy.
With serialization being so useful, it is no wonder that many programmers have spent countless hours developing code to perform these types of actions . Historically, this code is difficult to write and is extremely tedious and error-prone . Some of the difficult issues that developers need to grapple with are communication protocols, client/server data type mismatches (such as little-endian/big-endian issues), error handling, objects that refer to other objects, in and out parameters, arrays of structures, and the list goes on . Well, you ll be happy to know that the .NET Framework has fantastic support for serialization and deserialization built right into it . This means that all of the difficult issues mentioned above are now handled completely and transparently by the .NET Framework . As a developer, you can work with your objects before serialization and after deserialization and have the .NET Framework handle the stuff in the middle . In this chapter, I explain how the .NET Framework exposes its serialization and deserialization services . For almost all data types, the default behavior of these services will be sufficient, meaning that it is almost no work for you to make your own types serializable . However, there is a small minority of types where the serialization service s default behavior will not be sufficient . Fortunately, the serialization services are very extensible, and I will also explain how to tap into these extensibility mechanisms, allowing you to do some pretty powerful things when serializing or deserializing objects . For example, I ll demonstrate how to serialize Version 1 of an object out to a disk file and then deserialize it a year later into an object of Version 2 . Note This chapter focuses on the runtime serialization technology in the common language
Perhaps you have some users for whom none of the standard user roles is appropriate. In that case, it s simple to create a new user role by following these steps:
50 records per page. To access this setting, click the File tab in the ribbon and then click Options.
When you use Qt Creator to create a PRO file for your application, it includes two variables, CONFIG and MOBILITY. The CONFIG variable specifies particular build configuration options for your application (such as whether it s a Qt GUI or Qt console application), while the MOBILITY variable indicates which Qt Mobility APIs you wish to use. To use Qt Mobility APIs at all, you need to add mobility to the CONFIG variable, and then enumerate the desired Qt Mobility APIs, like this:
In addition to IN and EXISTS, there are three more predicates in SQL, but they are rarely used: ANY, SOME, and ALL. You can consider them to be generalizations of the IN predicate. (ANY and SOME are
SIDs may look very complicated, but once you understand the structure, they become quite simple to decipher. With a little practice, you will easily be able to tell whether a SID refers to a service, a well-known principal, or a user in a domain. In chapter 3, we will see how these SIDs are used to manage permissions.
When a pointer references a struct, the -> token is used to access members of the struct. For example:
Mixing Mediums
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