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SELECT DATEADD(day, DATEDIFF(day, '19000102', -- first day of month DATEADD(month, DATEDIFF(month, '19000101', SYSDATETIME()), '19000101') -1) /7*7 + 7, '19000102');
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Demand-dial device configuration
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Part II:
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The execution plan of this query is shown in Figure 12-7.
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Quarantine and connection actions will be covered in the Quarantine Resources section later in this chapter and in more detail in 6, Deploying Remote Access VPNs.
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You should see a line like this:
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FIGURE 19-14 The Rule Type page of the New Outbound Rule Wizard code 128 barcode generator
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Page 106 While working in the New Presentation Wizard, you can click Cancel at any time. When you click Cancel, the wizard ends and any steps you completed to that point will be discarded. On the other hand, you may decide that you want to complete a few steps in the wizard and then continue creating your project on your own. You can do this by clicking Finish at any time in the wizard. If you click Finish, any steps you have completed up to that point will be applied to your project. For example, let s say you completed both the Choose a Presentation Scheme page and the Presentation Information page in the New Presentation Wizard, and then clicked Finish. In this situation, the presentation template you chose would be added to the timeline, and the font and colors would be selected for your presentation. You would then need to import digital media files and add them to the timeline outside of the wizard in order to continue creating your presentation, just as you would if you were starting with a new blank project. The companion CD includes a sample presentation that was created using Microsoft Producer. You can watch this presentation by opening the file \Samples\7\Interview.htm. The New Presentation Wizard proceeds as follows. You can complete each of the following steps on the individual pages of the wizard: 1. Read the introduction page that briefly outlines the steps and pages of the New Presentation Wizard. 2. Choose a presentation template for the presentation you are creating. 3. Choose a presentation scheme for the presentation. 4. Enter information about your presentation. 5. Choose a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or individual still images that you want to include in your presentation. 6. Choose existing audio and video files that you want to include in your presentation, or capture new content using Microsoft Producer. 7. Specify whether you want to synchronize your slides and still images with the selected audio and video immediately after completing the wizard. 8. Complete the wizard so the selected content is imported into the current project and added to the timeline. Choosing a Presentation Template The Presentation Template page of the New Presentation Wizard lets you choose which presentation template you want to apply to the current project. The presentation template you choose determines the layout and appearance of the content in your presentation, as well as which items are displayed. For example, if you plan on using slides and
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server-side database to synchronize information among multiple web servers. This would increase the load on your servers.
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Action displayed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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// Box v and leave the pointer on the stack for Concat. IL_000c: ldloc.0 IL_000d: box [mscorlib]System.Int32 // Load the string on the stack for Concat. IL_0012: ldstr ", " // Load the address of the boxed Int32 on the stack for Concat. IL_0017: ldloc.1 // Call Concat. IL_0018: call
# of hosts per subnet = 220 - 2
Process Protocol handlers
Terminal Services
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