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present to hear your narration, you provide them with a handout of a Notes Page version of the slide that includes the headline, chart, and off-screen notes area explanation. Displaying the chart over a series of slides that are mapped to a sequence of headlines, as described in 7, helps to introduce the new information in smaller pieces at an appropriate pace for the audience to understand. To keep a chart free of clutter and focused on the data at hand, simplify its formatting by removing excess lines, graphical treatments, colors, and grids. Avoid adding unnecessary ornamentation or special effects that can inhibit the audience s ability to understand information, as described in 2. Strive for a minimalist style that will allow the numbers to speak for themselves. When you need to show your numbers using a chart, consider consulting one of the books that can help you to display data effectively, including Stephen Few, Show Me the Numbers: Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten (Analytics Press, 2004). The screen captures (lower left and lower right) in Figure 8-32 include arrows created using the PowerPoint drawing tools to highlight important information that visually explains the headline.
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How It Works: The departments_list Smarty Template
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Access 1 1,000 Method 0.0001% 0.1% 10,000 1% 100,000 200,000 500,000 1,000,000 rows 10% 20% 50% 100% selectivity
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You have not configured enough VPN ports to support the number of VPN users who want to connect at once during periods of high use.
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FIGURE 10-12 Defining a custom entity as a custom activity
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Most Ruby networking libraries allow you to specify domain names and hostnames when you want to interact with a remote server, and automatically resolve these names into IP addresses. However, this adds a small overhead, so in some situations you might prefer to resolve IP addresses ahead of time yourself. You might also use DNS queries to check for the existence of different hostnames and to check whether a domain is active or not, even if it s not pointing to a web server.
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When introducing XQuery, I used the XML data type . XQuery expressions are parameters for the query method of the XML data type . The XML data type includes a total of five methods that accept XQuery as a parameter . These methods support querying (the query method), retrieving atomic values (the value method), existence checks (the exists method), modifying sections within the XML data (the modify method) as opposed to overwriting the whole element, and shredding XML data into multiple rows in a result set (the nodes method) . In the following section, I ll explain why you need the XML data type inside a database, when to use it, and when not to use it . I hope you will get some good ideas of practical XML data type usage for your projects in this section . However, I ll start with a theoretical introduction to XML in the relational model . More Info For more information on XML technologies in SQL Server 2008, please refer to
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This section demonstrates how to compile C# source files by using the C# compiler, csc.exe. This is a simple process, similar to using the javac compiler. The significant difference is the result of the compilation process, which we'll discuss in the "Assemblies" section later in this chapter. The csc.exe application can be found in the main directory of the .NET Framework installation, typically C:\<windows directory>\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v<version number>. As is the case with the other .NET command-line tools, csc.exe will not be added to your PATH environment variable during the installation process, so you'll need to do it manually. The following code represents the C# Hello World! application:
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<anonymousIdentification enabled="true" /> <profile> <properties> <add name="FirstName" allowAnonymous="true" /> <add name="LastName" allowAnonymous="true" /> <add name="LastVisit" type="System.DateTime" allowAnonymous="true" /> </properties> </profile>
Each of these visual elements, including those created with the Pen and Pencil tools, are represented by a single element, and this element can then be treated as any other object; that is, you can modify it in many ways, including setting its properties or animating it. For example, consider Figure 2-19 in which the Pencil tool has been used to draw a set of connected curves to create a representation of the word Hello in script. Look on the Objects And Timeline view, and you ll see the object represented as a Path.
Adding more static routes
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Commenting Efficiently
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D. Correct: This filter displays both forward and reverse ARP network traffic
Java Example of a Null if Clause
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