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private static void CastingAGenericTypeVariable1<T>(T obj) { Int32 x = (Int32) obj; // Error String s = (String) obj; // Error }
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Opening a Port
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Table 4-33. Descriptive Tiles
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Before you think you ve discovered a security breach in the Oracle DBMS, I should explain that you get this informative error message only because you are testing the EMP view while connected as BOOK. If you are connected as a different database user with INSERT privilege against the EMP view only, the error message becomes as follows: ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ( )
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Operations That Still Require Dropping to the Win32 API Although the set of objects present in the .NET Framework is rich, there are still occasions in which you ll have to drop to the Win32 API. For example, Memory Mapped Files (MMF) is one feature that as of this writing won t be directly supported within the .NET Framework. MMF allows multiple applications to share data in a
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6 . . Make sure the From The Internet option is selected as the as the access method, as shown in the following graphic . Then, click the Done button . This causes the site to use Forms Authentication .
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Thread Stack
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Understanding the Validation Framework
C# // View discovery this.regionManager.RegisterViewWithRegion("MainRegion", typeof(EmployeeView));
the data source itself. To modify the data range displayed in the PivotChart Web Part, select the data you want to chart in the Spreadsheet Web Part, then click the down arrow on the data source s title bar. Choose Set Chart Range to establish a new data range for the chart. Using these two web parts together, you can create a nifty reporting interface for your users.
Key Moves
Lesson 2: Creating Client Scripts with the Microsoft AJAX Library
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