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Figure 11-27 Creating the filter
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3. After all threads discovered in step #2 have left the AppDomain, the CLR then walks the heap and sets a flag in each proxy object that referred to an object created by the unloaded AppDomain . These proxy objects now know that the real object they referred to is gone . If any code now calls a method on an invalid proxy object, the method will throw an AppDomainUnloadedException . 4. The CLR forces a garbage collection to occur, reclaiming the memory used by any objects that were created by the now unloaded AppDomain . The Finalize methods for these objects are called, giving the objects a chance to clean themselves up properly . 5. The CLR resumes all of the remaining threads . The thread that called AppDomain. Unload will now continue running; calls to AppDomain.Unload occur synchronously .
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Database applications are application programs that use an underlying database to store their data. Examples of such database applications are screen- and menu-driven data-entry programs, spreadsheets, report generators, and so on. Database applications are often developed using development tools from the DBMS vendor. In fact, most of these development tools can be considered to be database applications themselves, because they typically use the database not only to store regular data, but also to store their application specifications. For example, consider tools such as Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Application Express. With these examples we are entering the relational world, which is introduced in the next section.
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Note When you change an XML column from well formed to schema-validated, all values in
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Restart the computer. If the problem persists, right-click the disk and choose Rescan Disks. If the status is still unreadable, some data on the disk may be recoverable with thirdparty utilities.
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D. Add an AsyncPostBackTrigger control to the Triggers section of the UpdatePanel. Set
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Part IV
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As you can imagine, passing scalar values from one batch to another through tables involves I/O and therefore isn t the most efficient way to handle this need . Another option is to use the session context, which is a VARBINARY(128) value owned by the session, and can be changed and queried from anywhere in the session . You set its value by
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IF OBJECT_ID('Production.Suppliers_During_Unpacked', 'V') IS NOT NULL DROP VIEW Production.Suppliers_During_Unpacked; GO CREATE VIEW Production.Suppliers_During_Unpacked WITH SCHEMABINDING AS SELECT sd.supplierid, N'(' + CAST(dn.n AS NVARCHAR(10)) + N':' + CAST(dn.n AS NVARCHAR(10)) + N')' AS unpackedduring FROM Production.Suppliers_During AS sd INNER JOIN dbo.DateNums AS dn ON dn.n BETWEEN beginint AND sd.endint; GO CREATE UNIQUE CLUSTERED INDEX Suppliers_During_Unpacked_ClIx ON Production.Suppliers_During_Unpacked(supplierid, unpackedduring); GO
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Passing Data to Methods
Sometimes you may find that your application throws an error indicating that it cannot resolve a specific type. The error messages that Unity returns are detailed, and should help you to find the problem quickly. However, you may find it useful to be able to browse the contents of the container to see the registrations and mappings it contains. The Unity container exposes the Registrations property, which returns a collection of ContainerRegistration instances; one for each registration or type mapping in the container. The following example code shows how you can extract details for each registration: the registered type, the type it maps to (if any), the name of the registration (if it is not a default registration), and the lifetime manager type.
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When you install a Plug and Play device for the first time, Windows reads the Plug and Play identification tag in the hardware s BIOS or firmware. It then compares that ID tag with a master list of corresponding tags drawn from all the Setup Information files in the %SystemRoot%\Inf folder. If it finds a signed driver with a matching tag, it installs the correct driver file (or files) and makes other necessary system modifications with no intervention required from you. Windows Vista displays the progress of Plug and Play operations in pop-up messages in the notification area. You might see a series of these notifications, culminating with the final message shown here.
The results obtained should be similar to the following:
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The rst solution that I ll present will nd the most recent order for each employee. The solution queries the Orders table, ltering only orders that have an orderid value equal to the result of a subquery. The subquery returns the orderid value of the most recent order for the current employee by using a simple TOP (1) logic. Listing 9-1 contains the solution query.
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