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In previous chapters, you added web server controls by dragging them from the Toolbox in the Visual Studio designer. You can also add them to a webpage by using Source view:
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664 ChAPTER 11
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Figure 7-1 shows the network topology for this lab.
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Figure 4-13
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8 Rich Controls and Services
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Table 6-18. Unpivoted Total Quantities per Customer and Order Year
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Because indexed searching in Windows Vista is fast, you might think it would be pointless to restrict Start menu searches in any way. Reasons to consider doing so include the following:
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A. Add a second UpdatePanel to the page. Set it to trigger based on the first Update-
Here s code that explicitly references all three of the objects involved:
When you talk about PowerPoint, you ll usually discuss which size font to use, how to insert a video clip, and whether the background of a PowerPoint template should be blue or black. One thing you never hear is a conversation about any research related to PowerPoint presentations. Despite the widespread use and in uence of PowerPoint software in many professions, you would be hard pressed to nd research that demonstrates that the underlying theory, impact, or effectiveness of the conventional PowerPoint approach is better than any other approach. For example, you won t nd research indicating that presenting with bullet points on a PowerPoint slide is more effective than presenting without them, or studies showing that using a PowerPoint design template to make every slide background the same produces better learning than not using a design template, or a quantitative justi cation and rationale for commonly accepted PowerPoint design guidelines such as the 6-by-6 rule, which states that every slide should have six lines of text with six words per line. This lack of comparative studies on PowerPoint approaches has created a void in terms of researchbased guidelines on how best to use the software, and this void has been quickly lled
Develop and Use Secure Services
Team Foundation Build
Programming for CAS
// also retrieve the blogs try { List<BlogEntry> blogEntries = getConferenceService() .getBlogEntries(id, BLOG_ENTRIES); setBlogEntries(blogEntries); } catch(Exception e) { // do nothing, this allows for development in // a machine without internet access } return summary; } /** * Return the relative URL for the image for the speaker using the presenter id. * @return String a relative URL to the speaker image */ public String getSpeakerImage() { return "../speakerImages/" + getSpeaker() .getPresenterId().toString() + ".jpg"; } public abstract PresenterSummary getSpeaker(); public abstract void setBlogEntries(List<BlogEntry> blogs); } The page definition file for the Summary page is responsible for declaring and formatting the components used in the HTML template. It uses For, Insert, and If components. It also uses the Any component. The Any component is a very versatile component that can emulate any HTML element. In the following example, the value of the OGNL expression speakerImage is bound to the attribute src of the surrounding tag. <component id="speakerPicture" type="Any"> <binding name="src" value="ognl:speakerImage"/> </component> The HTML snippet shown next uses an img tag with the speakerPicture component. At runtime, the src attribute will be replaced with the value of the speakerImage expression. <img jwcid="speakerPicture" border="0" src="../speakerImages/1.jpg"/> Figure 7-20 shows the Conference Summary page on the running application showing the conference with id equals to 1, which corresponds to the URL localhost:8080/TechConf/ app page=conference%2FSummary&service=external&sp=1.
CHAPTER 2: Designing Your Application
Application Services
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