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3. Which authentication protocols provide data encryption
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In this chapter, I demonstrated how to define an extension method for a class, StringBuilder . I d like to point out that since an extension method is really the invocation of a static method, the CLR does not emit code ensuring that the value of the expression used to invoke the method is not null:
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A more effective test strategy for decision testing is to execute a minimum of three tests for more comprehensive structural testing of this function. The basis path testing technique described later in this chapter provides a technique that ensures that a more thorough set of structural tests for functions with simple conditional clauses is used. Also note that there are additional tests that we would want to design to completely test the capabilities of this function, but for decision testing of the function, we require only two tests.
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Direct from the Field: LM Hash History
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Sometimes, a native resource consumes a lot of memory, but the managed object wrapping that resource occupies very little memory . The quintessential example of this is the bitmap . A bitmap can occupy several megabytes of native memory, but the managed object is tiny because it contains only an HBITMAP (a 4- or 8-byte value) . From the CLR s perspective, a process could allocate hundreds of bitmaps (using little managed memory) before performing a collection . But if the process is manipulating many bitmaps, the process s memory consumption will grow at a phenomenal rate . To fix this situation, the GC class offers the following two static methods:
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For security and performance reasons, encryption and compression are mutually exclusive attributes for files stored on an NTFS volume . If the file is compressed, it can t be encrypted, and vice versa . If you need to combine compression with security, consider using password-protected Zip files, which offer good (but not great) encryption along with efficient compression capabilities . Use the third-party WinZip program (http://www. or the Compressed Folders feature in Windows (as described in Maximizing Storage Space with NTFS Compression and Compressed (Zipped) Folders, 7) .
I have updated the setup scripts we use to set that variable, and I have changed the title of this bug report to reflect the layout issues. Thanks. Bug morphing is the phenomenon that occurs when a bug changes from one issue to a completely separate issue within the same bug report. Sometimes it happens quickly, and sometimes the morphing is drawn out over days or months. Regardless of the situation, bug morphing is never a good idea. Bugs that have morphed are difficult to analyze for root cause. They also can cause confusion with product support or sustained engineering when they are reviewing product issues or searching to see if an issue a customer is seeing is caused by a known defect. If a bug begins to change in a bug report, it is crucial to stop and open a new bug for the new issue. Multiple bugs 8/28/2007 6:13 PM Opened by Jeff Ressler
Managing Connectivity
C# supports both the single-line (//) and multiline (/* */) comment syntaxes.
The XmlValidatingReader class is a concrete implementation of XmlReader that validates an XML source against one of the following:
Exam Tip To migrate a standard primary server, configure a secondary server, transfer the zone to the secondary server, and then promote the secondary server to a primary server. After the secondary server has been promoted, you can delete the original primary server.
<TextBox Canvas.Top="0" x:Name="txtInput" Text="{Binding Source={StaticResource TSD}, Path=open, Mode=TwoWay, Converter={StaticResource dblConverter}}"> </TextBox>
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