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To see which folders are indexed, click Show all Locations. In the bottom portion of the ensuing dialog box (see Figure 7-31 on the next page), you ll find a summary of the index locations the same summary that appears in the Indexing Options dialog box (see Figure 7-27). The top half of the dialog box is where the action is.
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This code renders the Calendar in the default Month view, with the current date highlighted. See Figure 9-5 for an example.
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// C code: pSt->iVal = 0x33 ; MOV DWORD PTR [EAX + 0104h] , 0x33
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17 Delegates _target _methodPtr _invocationList (not important) (not important) [0] [1]
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In a default installation, the background of the full Player window is blue a dark blue for the background of the currently selected tab and the Back and Forward buttons on the Player taskbar, and a pale blue for the window frame, the playback controls, and the background of the Now Playing area when album art is visible or a video clip is playing. To change the background color, click the arrow beneath the Now Playing tab and choose Color Chooser from the Enhancements menu. In the Color Chooser pane, click Next Preset to cycle through more than 20 color combinations, or choose a color manually by using the Hue slider control to select a color and the Saturation slider to adjust the intensity of the selected color. Click Reset to restore the default blue.
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Now you can use the saved template when you begin a new publication by clicking the My Templates item in the Office Publisher 2007 opening window.
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VPN Deployment
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You use styles to format the GridView. There are several styles available for you to manage, including an overall GridViewStyle and a HeaderStyle, FooterStyle, RowStyle, AlternatingRowStyle, SelectedRowStyle, EditRowStyle, and more. You can set these styles declaratively at design time. In addition, the RowCreated and RowDataBound events can also be used to control the style programmatically. In these event handlers, the Cells collection on the newly created row can be used to apply a style to a single cell in the row. The difference between the two events is that the RowCreated event takes place first, before the data is available. You can use the RowDataBound event when you need to apply a different style to a cell based on the data in the cell. These events fire after the styles are applied, which means that you can override any existing styles. Applying a different style to a cell based on the data in the cell allows you to apply business rules to determine whether a cell should stand out from other cells (such as making negative quantity on hand numbers red, but only when an item is shipped more than once per month). As an example, consider a page that contains a SqlDataSource control bound to the Products table in the Northwind database. Suppose that this data source control provides SQL statements for selecting, updating, inserting, and deleting data. You can use this data source control to configure a GridView control that allows for this editing. The following markup shows an example of how the GridView would look in Source view.
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Another method, bmbm, repeats the benchmark set twice, using the first as a rehearsal and the second for the true results, as in some situations CPU caching, memory caching, and other factors can taint the results. Therefore, repeating the test can lead to more accurate figures. Replacing the bm method with bmbm in the preceding example (for the Benchmark method) gives results like these: Rehearsal ---------------------------------------for: 0.780000 0.000001 0.780001 ( 0.958378) times: 0.100000 0.010000 0.110000 ( 1.342837) ------------------------------- total: 0.890001sec user system for: 0.850000 0.000000 times: 0.970000 0.010000 total 0.850000 ( 0.980000 ( real 0.967980) 1.301703)
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Company ABC XYZ
The harmonious continuity of an arrangement of objects or the harmonious movement or apparent movement of objects produces a mental continuation of what you actually see beyond a critical point or beyond the end shown in an image . Examples The Continuity worksheet contains two charts whose line gradients are very similar (see Figure 3-10) . In the model on the left, you can hypothesize about the path that the upper line will continue to follow after the first intersection, but you can t know this . Most observers spontaneously opt for a downward trend as it is most probable . Therefore, they form an assumption here to help interpret the chart .
System.Net.Dns GetHostByName()
The TechConf website case study presented in this chapter is a technology-conference management system encompassing a collection of systems and utilities used to advertise, prepare, and support one or more technology conferences. A technology conference is an event that spans a predetermined period of time and consists of one or more sessions (presentations, keynotes, and so on). As a frequent speaker and attendee of technology conferences, I thought the domain was well-suited for the purposes of this book. The main stakeholders, that is, the people who have a vested interest in the system, are technologists, just like you and me, which makes it easier to relate to the needs of the user, and consequently, make the gathering of requirements, analysis, and design processes clearer. Technically, a technology conference presents some unique challenges in the fields of distributed computing and enterprise development due to the dynamic nature of the information requirements and the logistics involved in running such an event. If you are like me and most other programmers, you ll want to jump right into the code, and you might think that the sooner you start coding the sooner you ll finish your project. Well, for all but the most trivial of applications this is not true; a certain amount of planning has to happen before you write a single line of code. Feel free to prototype to your heart s content, but without design, a stable, correct and maintainable solution is rarely achieved. So bear with me for the next few pages. They might help you in your next project.
Another way to go with your sketches is related to the three-panel photographs approach, except here you sketch simple icons that represent the essence of your idea in a basic visual form. For example, as shown on the third Key Point slide on the lower right in Figure 7-12, sketch the innovative three-part strategy as the numbers 1-2-3 in a box, the experienced team as a group of three face symbols, and our clients are so satis ed as a piece of paper with the gure 100% on it. Sketch only the rst and second icons on the second Key Point slide, and only the rst icon on the rst Key Point slide. It would be ne to use the same graphic on the third Key Point slide and on the Call to Action slide sketch a note to differentiate the Call to Action version later by adding animation to that slide only.
Note You can influence several date characteristics, such as the first day of the week, with the NLS_TERRITORY parameter.
procedure HexExpand( var source: ByteArray; var target: WordArray; byteCount: word ); var index: integer; lowerByte: byte; upperByte: byte; targetIndex: integer; begin
The following conventions are used throughout this book.
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