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You can see from the commands shown in Figure 5-9 that you can also convert an integrated shape to freeform . This means, in effect, that the conversion options are limitless from now on . You can subsequently use the integrated shape as a template, the outline of which you can redesign completely and in any detail you wish . The Reroute Connectors command that is also part of the Edit Shape options applies to line connections between objects . This topic is one of those discussed in the Creating and Formatting Connectors section, which begins on Page 229 .
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WITH BOMTC AS ( -- Return all first-level containment relationships SELECT assemblyid, partid FROM dbo.BOM WHERE assemblyid IS NOT NULL UNION ALL -- Return next-level containment relationships SELECT P.assemblyid, C.partid FROM BOMTC AS P JOIN dbo.BOM AS C ON C.assemblyid = P.partid ) -- Return distinct pairs that have -- transitive containment relationships SELECT DISTINCT assemblyid, partid FROM BOMTC;
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14 rows selected. SQL> 3. Which courses have been held in Chicago and/or in Seattle Solution 4-3. SQL> select distinct course 2 from offerings 3 where location in ('CHICAGO','SEATTLE'); COURSE -----JAV OAU RSD
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Specifying the Location of Validation Rules When you use a validator obtained from the ValidatorFactory, as we ve done so far in the example, validation will take into account any applicable rule sets defined in configuration and in attributes and self-validation methods found within the target object. However, you can resolve different factory types if you want to perform validation using only rule sets defined in configuration, or using only attributes and self-validation. The specialized types of factory you can use are: ConfigurationValidatorFactory. This factory creates validators that only apply rules defined in a configuration file, or in a configuration source you provide. By default it looks for configuration in the default configuration file (App. config or Web.config). However, you can create an instance of a class that implements the IConfigurationSource interface, populate it with configuration data from another file or configuration storage media, and use this when you create this validator factory.
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Better Management Interface
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After you have defined a global resource file, you can explicitly associate control properties (such as Label.Text) from different pages to the global resource. In this way, you can share the resource file across pages. ASP.NET will automatically display the correct text from your resource file based on the user s defined culture. Therefore, if you have a Label that displays a greeting message on every page, you only need to define the message once for each culture (rather than defining it in separate resource files for each webpage). In design mode, you can associate a control s property value with a global resource by using the Expressions property. To do so, follow these steps:
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FigURE 1-8 The Application tab of the WSAT.
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Data Declarations
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shares routinely. Always test the backup before relying on it. You can use the Dfsradmin Replicationgroup command to export DFS Replication settings such as replication group members and connections.
Attributes of the @Master Directive
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Securing the Network
Figure 11-14 The Additional Services page shows services that are not described in the SCW database.
The problem with this stored procedure is that you need to use a cursor to invoke it against every query string from the trace data, and this can take quite a while with large traces. The stored procedure also (by design) returns an error in some cases (see SQL Server Books Online for details), which could compromise its value. It would be much more convenient to have this logic implemented as a function, allowing you to invoke it directly against the table containing the trace data. Fortunately, such a function exists; it was written by Stuart Ozer, who is with the Microsoft SQL Server Customer Advisory Team (SQL CAT). I would like to thank him for allowing me to share the code with the readers of this book. Here s the function s de nition:
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