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Troubleshooting DHCP
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Deploying the Internet Authentication Service 10-71
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to fix their problem they just needed to change SendMessage to PostMessage. I told them it was perfectly understandable they misunderstood what was going on. We spent the rest of the day going over other things they were running into such as DLL relocations and building their applications with full debug symbols. When we got back on the phone with the VP, I just told him it was one of the toughest bugs I'd worked on, but his engineers really went the extra mile to help make it right. In the end, everyone was happy. The VP got his bug fixed, the engineers learned a bunch of hints to help them develop better, and I didn't get anyone fired! The Lesson If you've got multiple threads and you want to use message communications between threads, think long and hard about how those synchronization objects and messages will interact. If you're in that situation, try always to use PostMessage. Of course, if you're using the messages to pass more than 32-bit data values across, PostMessage calls won't work because the parameters you pass can be corrupted by the time the other thread processes the message. In that case, use SendMessageTimeOut so that you'll at least return at some point and then can look to see whether the other thread is deadlocked or could not process the message.
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1. Open the Active Directory Users And Computers administrative tool. 2. In the console tree, right-click the domain, and then click Properties. 3. On the Group Policy tab, click Default Domain Policy and then click Edit. 4. In the console tree for Group Policy Object Editor, open User Configuration, then Windows Settings, and then Security Settings. Click Public Key Policies. 5. In the details pane, right-click Autoenrollment Settings, and click Properties. 6. Click Enroll Certificates Automatically, select the Renew Expired Certificates, Update Pending Certificates, And Remove Revoked Certificates and Update Certificates That Use Certificate Templates check boxes, and click OK.
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Core Facilities
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<%# Eval("Price", "{0:C}") %>
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Value Active Expired Initial None Renewing
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You must compile the application before deployment, which prevents you from testing a page if another page will not compile. You do not have to store the source code on the server. You can control the assembly name and version. You cannot edit individual files after deployment without recompiling.
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At this point, you could go through and manually add the handlers in the code. But I think you ve done enough typing already, so let s have Visual Studio do it for you. 10. Return to your XAML by clicking the MainPage.xaml file in the Files tab. Look at the controls you have added. You will notice that the code refers to three event handlers, one for each of the buttons: btnUpDir_Click, btnOpenDir_Click, and btnOpenFile_Click. 11. Find the first reference, btnUpDir_Click. Right-click it and select the Navigate to Event Handler option, as shown in Figure 8-4. Visual Studio will automatically create the event handler in the code behind, as follows: public partial class MainPage : UserControl { public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); } private void btnUpDir_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { } }
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Add a SiteMapPath control to the master page. You can use the default settings. Finally, add a content page to the site: CustomerDetails.aspx. Be sure to specify Site.master as the master page. Add some content to the page. Optionally, put each of the navigation controls in a <div> tag, specify a class for each <div> tag, and then edit the Site.css style sheet to provide formatting for the navigation bar. The completed project from the companion CD demonstrates basic layout using <div> tags. Right-click the Default.aspx page and select Set As Start Page. Run the web application to display the Default.aspx page. Your page should resemble the one shown in Figure 5-8.
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Security associations are negotiated using the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol, which itself consists of three other protocols: ISAKMP, Oakley, and SKEME. Via IKE, the two hosts agree how authentication messages will be constructed and exchanged. (The complete details are quite complex and beyond the scope of this chapter.) The hosts can authenticate using a number of methods, including the following:
Page 162 The first step in editing is adding digital media to the timeline. The digital media items you can use on the timeline come from the Media tab. Working with the Media Tab In Microsoft Producer, editing starts from the Media tab. As discussed in chapter 7, the files you import or capture in Producer are stored in different folders according to the file type. This helps you to find the type of file you want to use in your presentation. The Media tab contains two panes: the tree pane and the contents pane. The tree pane contains the folders. When you select a folder, the digital media files contained in it are displayed in the contents pane. For example, Figure 9.1 shows a project with Video and Slides folders. The Video folder is selected, displaying the four video files that it contains in the contents pane.
Managed Solution A
Databases are central to information systems they are the heart of applications. The structure of a database, called a data model (or schema, also database design), speci es a database. One of the most important models used for modern databases is the relational model. Although it is not the only data model, it is probably the most important one. The relational model is used mainly for transactional databases where an enterprise s data is rst stored as opposed to warehouse databases, which serve as a repository for historical data. Compared to other contemporary data models, the relational model is particularly useful for transactional databases because data integrity can be declared and enforced by the model. Data integrity is the conformance of data to business rules. If your data is wrong the rst time it enters your enterprise, it has a negative impact on your complete business. For example, analytical systems would not help you improve your operations because of the common concept garbage in garbage out. Another advantage to the relational model is that it is mathematically de ned. Therefore, when modeling, you are not guided by best practices only; you can evaluate your design and rmly ascertain whether it is good or bad. Relational database management systems (RDBMS), including Microsoft SQL Server, store data in relational format. Although the physical implementation varies by vendor, the relational model provides a consistent user perception of the data for all RDBMS. In this chapter, I ll introduce the main concepts of the relational model. This knowledge will help you understand later chapters when you explore advanced queries.
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