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with Transformation; ... procedure Routine1(...) ... latitude: begin -- statements using latitude and longitude ... end Routine1; Coordinate; longitude: Coordinate;
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FIGURE 20-10 Disabling a branch of a GPO
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Page 48 Using Digital Media in Your Presentation The audio, video, and other digital media you use serve as the individual pieces that, when combined and organized, create your presentation. On their own, the individual digital media files may have little value to your audience. However, when you combine and organize these different files they form one complete, dynamic presentation. Figure 3.1 shows an example of a presentation.
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A configured dial-up remote access policy profile
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SQL Server maintains a memory block for each lock . If there is no limit on the number of locks that a single transaction can acquire, SQL Server could potentially suffer from memory starvation . Therefore, when SQL Server deems a transaction as holding too many locks, it attempts to escalate the many fine-grained locks to a more coarse-grained locks . Prior to SQL Server 2008, locking could only be escalated directly to the table level . In SQL Server 2008, you can specify escalation to the partition level, or you can disable it altogether . By default the first lock escalation attempt occurs when a single transaction acquires 5,000 locks against the same table (or partition if you specified partition-level escalation) . If conflicting locks are held by another transaction, the attempt fails, in which case SQL Server keeps attempting to achieve lock escalation after each additional 1,250 acquired locks . The goal of lock escalation is to reduce lock overhead, but of course it results in reduced concurrency, because SQL Server ends up locking more data than is logically needed .
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Adatum (Big Company)
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Request Flow Control
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standing the fundamentals. This chapter is designed to save you time in the long run by teaching you the most critical web development fundamentals. Yes, you can create a working web application without understanding the difference between HTTP GET and HTTP PUT. However, at some point in your career (and perhaps at some point in this book) you re going to need to do some detailed troubleshooting, and if you don't have a solid background, that troubleshooting is going to take you much longer than it needs to.
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server1 A
Add rule name= telnetN policy= telnet filterlist= telnet computer2
5 Transactions and Concurrency
NOTE If you type in a directory name, do not enter a backslash (\) at the end of the
RADIUS server. If you use IAS, install IAS on a domain controller for best performance. Install at least two IAS servers for fail-over and fault tolerance of AAA services.
FIGURE 7-1 Default two-NIC configuration for SBS 2003
Figure 9-1 : The page produced by GridTest.aspx, showing a simple ASP.NET data grid
catalog_get_product_details The catalog_get_product_details function returns detailed information about a product and is called to get the data that will be displayed on the product s details page. -- Create product_details type CREATE TYPE product_details AS ( product_id INTEGER, name VARCHAR(50), description VARCHAR(1000), price NUMERIC(10, 2), discounted_price NUMERIC(10, 2), image VARCHAR(150) ); -- Create catalog_get_product_details function CREATE FUNCTION catalog_get_product_details(INTEGER) RETURNS product_details LANGUAGE plpgsql AS $$ DECLARE inProductId ALIAS FOR $1; outProductDetailsRow product_details; BEGIN SELECT INTO outProductDetailsRow product_id, name, description, price, discounted_price, image FROM product WHERE product_id = inProductId; RETURN outProductDetailsRow; END; $$; Well, that s about it. Right now, your data store is ready to hold and process the product catalog information. It s time to move to the next step: implementing the business tier of the product catalog.
The arrows at the top of each column include sort and filter options, including Custom Filter.
To enable or disable personalization support, you set the enabled attribute of the <profile> element in the web.config file. If the property is true, personalization features are enabled for all pages. If personalization is disabled, the Profile property isn t available to pages out of the HttpContext object.
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