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7 Entity Customization: Forms
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s The Polls component in Joomla automatically shows the current results of a poll. Other polling comTip display barcode font
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10 . . Click the expansion symbol next to the ProductsService .svc service to expand the node so that you can see details about the service . Click OK (leave the namespace the same: ServiceRefernce1) . Visual Studio will write a proxy for you to use in the Silverlight control . 11 . . Include a using clause to scope the new service reference . Declare an instance of the ProductsServiceClient class as a member of the MainPage class . Create an instance of the client so that the MainPage can talk to the Web site . You use the proxy to issue calls to the service to get all the products and to look up singular products .
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Sample of C# Code protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { this.Form.DefaultFocus = TextBox1.ClientID; this.Form.DefaultButton = Button3.UniqueID; }
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FIGURE 4-7 Filling a rectangle with the RadialGradientBrush.
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Part I Fundamentals
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Reviewing a Range of BBP Examples
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SQL Server Cache Dependency
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public virtual string RaiseCallbackEvent(string eventArgument) { // eventArgument indicates the parameter(s) passed // TO DO: retrieve the server-side values based on the // parameter(s) and pack everything into a return string }
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Using and Customizing Windows Sidebar
FIGURE 11-5 Composing an image for different zoom levels using Deep Zoom Composer.
For a VPN server that is a member of a native-mode domain, verify that the
When you ve read the Things To Note, click Next to open the Create Virtual Networks page shown in Figure 6-7. Page 112 Thursday, June 3, 2004 4:51 PM
Design issue, for example, the design of the implementation is suboptimal or does not solve the coding problem as efficiently as necessary
XPathNavigator provide the means to navigate through the nodes, obtain information about nodes, and, most important, evaluate XPath expressions against the node set. Navigation through the nodes is via a cursor similar to that provided by XmlReader; the node under the cursor is the current node. Unlike XmlReader, XPathNavigator works against a cached node tree and so supports both backward and forward cursor movements. Using XPath expressions means that sets of nodes meeting specified criteria can be identified and accessed directly.
Listing 31-31. Java example of style options for single-statement blocks.
Listing 3-4. The COURSES Table create table ( code , description , category , duration COURSES varchar2(6) varchar2(30) char(3) number(2) not not not not null null null null );
Database Servers
Forced Early Binding
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