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If multiple applications are going to access an assembly, the assembly must be placed in a well known directory and the CLR must know to look in this directory automatically when a reference to the assembly is detected. However, we have a problem: two (or more) companies could produce assemblies that have the same filename. Then, if both of these assemblies get copied into the same well known directory, the last one installed wins and all the applications that were using the old assembly no longer function as desired. (This is exactly why DLL hell exists today in Windows.) Obviously, differentiating assemblies simply by using a filename isn t good enough. The CLR needs to support some mechanism that allows assemblies to be uniquely identified. This is what the term 67
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If the CallbackWithoutNewingADelegateObject method had not been static, the anonymous method s code could contain references to instance members . If it doesn t contain references to instance members, the compiler will still produce a static anonymous method since this is more efficient than an instance method because the additional this parameter is not necessary . But, if the anonymous method s code does reference an instance member, the compiler will produce a nonstatic anonymous method:
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The Plumbing Problem
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derived class declares a new implementation of an inherited virtual member, the override modifier must be used to explicitly confirm the programmer's intention to override the inherited member. If the override modifier is not used, the new member hides the inherited member, and a compiler warning occurs. If a derived class attempts to override a nonvirtual inherited member, a compiler error will occur.
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" compute currency conversions from US currency to target currency Dim usaCurrencyConversionRate( Country_Last ) As Single Dim iCountry As Country For iCountry = Country_First To Country_Last usaCurrencyConversionRate( iCountry ) = ConversionRate( Country_Usa, iCountry ) Next
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Customer Notification
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static void Main() { Point p; p.x = p.y = 1; Object o = p; // Boxes p; o refers to the boxed object p = (Point) o; } // Unboxes o AND copies fields from object to stack
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Working with Access Data Files and AccessDataSource Controls
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Keeping on Track with The Plan
Send an e-mail message to the people with whom you re sharing. The message includes a link to the shared folder or file.
modifying a Website Configuration
The first line indicates the communication protocol and version information. It also includes the status code for the response and the reason that describes the status code. The status codes are three-digit numbers and are grouped as shown in Table 1-2.
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