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At the bottom of every list of filtering criteria is a Stack By command. You can also get to it by right-clicking in the folder, as shown here:
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You can pass arguments by name to parameters that do not have default values, but all required arguments must be passed (by position or by name) for the compiler to compile the code . C# doesn t allow you to omit arguments between commas, as in M(1, ,DateTime.Now), because this could lead to unreadable comma-counting code . Pass arguments by way of their parameter name if you want to omit some arguments for parameters with default values . To pass an argument by parameter name that requires ref/out, use syntax like this:
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24. Click OK to save changes to the PPTPtoCorpnet connection. The Connect PPTPtoCorpnet dialog box is displayed. 25. In the User Name text box, type example/VPNUser1. In the Password text box, type the password you chose for the VPNUser1 account. This is shown in the following figure.
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After the container is created, it needs to be configured for your application. The ConfigureContainer implementation in the MefBootstrapper registers a number of core Prism services by default, as shown in the following code example. If you override this method, consider carefully whether you should invoke the base class s implementation to register the core Prism services or provide these services in your implementation.
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Notice that I used the DATETIME data type for the ordermonth column. A valid date must include a day portion, so I just used the rst of the month. When I need to present data, I ll get rid of the day portion. Storing the order month in a DATETIME data type allows more exible manipulations using date-and-time-related functions.
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In previous sections, you ve performed loops using iterator methods, like so: 1.upto(5) { |number| puts number }
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Because Actions is an enumerated type, you can use all of the methods described in the previous section when working with bit-flag enumerated types . However, it would be nice if some of those functions behaved a little differently . For example, let s say you had the following code:
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Earlier in this chapter, I explained the garbage collection algorithm . However, I made a big assumption during that discussion: that only one thread is running . In the real world, it s likely for multiple threads to be accessing the managed heap or at least manipulating objects allocated within the managed heap . When one thread sparks a garbage collection, other threads must not access any objects (including object references on its own stack) because the garbage collector is likely to move these objects, changing their memory locations . So when the garbage collector wants to start a garbage collection, all threads executing managed code must be suspended . The CLR has a few different mechanisms that it uses to safely suspend threads so that a garbage collection can be performed . The reason that
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Windows Security Fundamentals
eventdata -----------------------------------------<EVENT_INSTANCE><EventType>CREATE_TABLE... <EVENT_INSTANCE><EventType>ALTER_TABLE<... <EVENT_INSTANCE><EventType>ALTER_TABLE<... <EVENT_INSTANCE><EventType>CREATE_INDEX...
Sample of Visual Basic Code Private _sMgr As ScriptManager Protected Overrides Sub OnPreRender(ByVal e As EventArgs) If Not Me.DesignMode Then 'test for the existence of a ScriptManager _sMgr = ScriptManager.GetCurrent(Page) If _sMgr Is Nothing Then _ Throw New HttpException( _ "A ScriptManager control must exist on the page.") _sMgr.RegisterScriptControl(Me) End If MyBase.OnPreRender(e) End Sub Sample of C# Code private ScriptManager sMgr; protected override void OnPreRender(EventArgs e) { if (!this.DesignMode) { //test for the existence of a ScriptManager sMgr = ScriptManager.GetCurrent(Page); if (sMgr == null) throw new HttpException( "A ScriptManager control must exist on the page."); sMgr.RegisterScriptControl(this); } base.OnPreRender(e); }
or you could execute them in parallel, like this:
we access only a single month, and therefore a single partition:
Introducing Silverlight 3
Now life gets interesting. The TGT for the Administrator account, like the TGT for the system, is stored in the Kerberos ticket cache. It is used when the Administrator account requests access to services. You can examine your ticket cache by using the Kerbtray.exe utility. To use Kerbtray.exe, you run the self-installing file by doubleclicking it and then clicking the executable to run the tool. This procedure places an icon on the taskbar, which can then be opened by clicking it to reveal the tickets in the cache. Figure 11-17 shows the list of tickets in the cache and the Administrator account s TGT ticket.
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missing updates, are configured poorly, or have become infected by malware. Each of
CHAPTER 1: Introducing Nokia s Software Platform
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