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FigURE 4-9 Setting the runat attribute of an HTML server control.
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Figure 2-5 Complex sites (such as portals) require the use of interrelated master pages that end up forming a hierarchical structure.
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The Current Selection group that I already described above in relation to the Layout tab is also available on the very left . The Shape Styles group commands enable you to select numerous options including outlines, fills, coloring, and effects . First select a specific chart element and then point with the mouse to the different selection options to see, in the preview, what the formatting of the chart or current element would look like after you actually set it . The specifications in the WordArt Styles group enable you to apply the complex WordArt design options to texts and labels of every type within your chart . You can use the command options in the Arrange group in an interesting way if there are other graphical objects beside the chart in your worksheet . This will often be relevant for the examples presented in this book . You can group or layer the objects and, in a task pane (which opens on the right-hand corner of the screen after you select the Selection Pane command) specify which of the objects listed there are to be selected or removed from the view . In the Size group, you can determine the chart s dimensions using metric specifications . When you click the Launcher on the lower right in this group, the assigned Size and Properties dialog box (which is probably already missed by experienced users) opens and includes the commands of its Properties tab . These commands are very often important for making a chart s development work much easier .
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else s fault and then having to recant publicly later when you find out that it was your defect after all.
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Part IV
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Configuring DNS Servers and Clients
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Administrator Account Handling
Figure 6-4 The Colors gallery provides you with a collection of colors you can apply to the selected theme.
With previous versions of Remote Assistance, connecting two systems behind NAT routers was difficult at best. Trying to explain to an inexperienced user who s already flustered because of computer problems all the complex configuration steps needed to bypass NAT made Remote Assistance impractical for most such setups. NAT is a great system for extending the limited number of available IP addresses and for securing computers on a small network. But it is the bane of users trying to make peer-to-peer connections, whether for voice, video, gaming or Remote Assistance. Now, the only obstacle to end-to-end connections for Remote Assistance on computers running Windows Vista is a firewall. Windows Firewall has an exception defined for Remote Assistance. (An exception is a group of rules that enable an application to communicate through the firewall.) By default, the exception is enabled only for private networks, such as a workgroup in a home or small office. The exception is disabled for public networks (such as an internet cafe or public Wi-Fi hotspot) and for domain networks. If you try to make a Remote Assistance connection when the exception is disabled, you ll see a message like the one shown in Figure 9-6.
FIGURE 4-18 Nonclustered index on a clustered table
After you ve created several views, you might find the need to modify them. To modify an existing view, follow these steps:
01-07-1982 01-01-1983 15-04-1985 01-06-1985 15-04-1986 01-05-1986 15-02-1987 01-12-1989 15-10-1992 01-01-1998 01-01-1999 01-07-1999 01-06-2000 01-01-1982 01-08-1982 15-05-1984 01-01-1985 01-07-1985 01-11-1985 01-02-1986 15-06-1989 01-12-1993 01-09-1995 01-10-1997 01-10-1998 01-11-1999 15-02-2000
All the code is in one method as opposed to lots of methods spread out within a class . Since there is no class, there are no fields; all the variables are local variables . Where I would have had a method separation, I now have a yield return 1 statement . This allows the thread to return to where it came from so that it can do more work . To every BeginXxx method, I pass ae.End(); this method returns a delegate referring to a method inside the AsyncEnumerator object . When the operation completes, the thread pool thread notifies the AsyncEnumerator object, which in turn continues executing your iterator method after the yield return 1 statement . I always pass null as the last argument to every BeginXxx method . Therefore, I never need to call IAsyncResult s AsyncState property and cast its return value to the right type; I just use the local variables directly . To every EndXxx method, I pass the result of calling ae.DequeueAsyncResult() . This method returns the IAsyncResult object that was passed to the AsyncEnumerator object by the thread pool thread when the asynchronous operation completed . And last, but not least, notice that now I can use C# s using statement to control the lifetime of the NamedPipeServerStream . This also means that the NamedPipeServerStream object will be closed within a finally block should any other code throw an unhandled exception .
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