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Working with Forms
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Of course, Visual Studio has a built-in mechanism that you can use to publish an application by displaying a project s Properties pages and clicking the Publish tab . You can use the options available on the Publish tab to cause Visual Studio to produce an MSI file and copy the resulting MSI file to a Web site, FTP server, or file path . The MSI file can also install any prerequisite components such as the .NET Framework or Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition . Finally, the application can automatically check for updates and install them on the user s machine by taking advantage of ClickOnce technology . Assemblies deployed to the same directory as the application are called privately deployed assemblies because the assembly files aren t shared with any other application (unless the other application is also deployed to the same directory) . Privately deployed assemblies are a big win for developers, end users, and administrators because they can simply be copied to an application s base directory, and the CLR will load them and execute the code in them . In addition, an application can be uninstalled by simply deleting the assemblies in its directory . This allows simple backup and restore as well . This simple install/move/uninstall scenario is possible because each assembly has metadata indicating which referenced assembly should be loaded; no registry settings are required . In addition, the referencing assembly scopes every type . This means that an application always binds to the same type it was built and tested with; the CLR can t load a different assembly that just happens to provide a type with the same name . This is different from COM, in which types are recorded in the registry, making them available to any application running on the machine . In 3, I ll discuss how to deploy shared assemblies that are accessible by multiple applications .
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<asp:sqldatasource runat="server id="MyDetailSource connectionstring="SERVER= ;DATABASE=northwind;UID= selectcommand="SELECT * FROM customers" filterexpression="customerid= @customerid "> <filterparameters> <asp:ControlParameter Name="customerid ControlId="Master PropertyName="SelectedValue /> </filterparameters> </asp:sqldatasource> <asp:detailsview runat="server id="Detail datasourceid="MyDetailSource"> <pagersettings firstpageimageurl="images/first.gif lastpageimageurl="images/last.gif nextpageimageurl="images/next.gif prevpageimageurl="images/prev.gif mode="NextPrevFirstLast /> </asp:detailsview>
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In 2, Building, Packaging, Deploying, and Administering Applications and Types, I talked about the steps required to build, package, and deploy an assembly . I focused on what s called private deployment, in which assemblies are placed in the application s base directory (or a subdirectory thereof) for the application s sole use . Deploying assemblies privately gives a company a large degree of control over the naming, versioning, and behavior of the assembly . In this chapter, I ll concentrate on creating assemblies that can be accessed by multiple applications . The assemblies that ship with the Microsoft .NET Framework are an excellent example of globally deployed assemblies, because all managed applications use types defined by Microsoft in the .NET Framework Class Library (FCL) . As I mentioned in 2, Microsoft Windows has a reputation for being unstable . The main reason for this reputation is the fact that applications are built and tested using code implemented by someone else . After all, when you write an application for Windows, your application is calling into code written by Microsoft developers . Also, a large number of companies make controls that application developers can incorporate into their own applications . In fact, the .NET Framework encourages this, and many control vendors have appeared over time . As time marches on, Microsoft developers and control developers modify their code: they fix bugs, patch security flaws, add features, and so on . Eventually, the new code makes its way
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The WebHost architecture underlies the hosting capabilities of ASP.NET. The application manager, process host, host environment, and protocol handlers are abstractions for common functionality required for hosting ASP.NET outside IIS. In ASP.NET 1.1, the hosting model wasn t rigorously defined. WebHost makes up for that. If you still can t see the big picture, you can take a look at the source code of Cassini the Microsoft s mini Web server that hosts the ASP.NET engine. You can get the source code from The classes that form the Cassini application map almost 1:1 to the components of the WebHost framework.
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SBS manages DNS automatically for Windows clients. Non-Windows clients and devices, however, will not have DNS records automatically created and maintained. In most situations, this is perfectly OK, but if you need to ensure that client IP addresses are fully resolvable on the SBS network, you ll need to either manually create and maintain the records or con gure DHCP to automatically update them as described earlier.
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Restart the server and log back on. Run the following command (and answer Y when prompted) to set up Windows Remote Management (WinRM):
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The code shown earlier makes extensive use of an EventHandlerSet type. As I mentioned, this type isn t in the FCL; I defined it. Here s the source code for this type:
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FIGURE 25-26 Locating the WinMail RDP
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I hope you ve created some type of plan to organize the site you want to create in Joomla you ll need that plan right now. Most Joomla sites begin with constructing the sections and categories needed to organize content, so that s what you ll do in this section. Open the Administrator page of your Joomla site so you can begin to implement the necessary hierarchy.
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The improvement with if-then-elses is more consistent than it was with the case statements, but that s a mixed blessing. In C# and VB both versions of the case statement approach are faster than both versions of the if-then-else approach, whereas in Java both versions are slower. This variation in results suggests a third possible optimization, described in the next section.
UAC Policy Settings Found Under Security Options
dt = (DataTable) bf.Deserialize(sr.BaseStream); sr.Close(); When you run this code, something surprising happens. Have you ever tried to serialize a DataTable object, or a DataSet object, using the binary formatter If so, you certainly got a binary file, but with a ton of XML in it. Unfortunately, XML data in serialized binary files only makes them huge, without the portability and readability advantages that XML normally offers. As a result, deserializing such files might take a while to complete usually seconds. There is an architectural reason for this odd behavior. The DataTable and DataSet classes implement the ISerializable interface, thus making themselves responsible for the data being serialized. The ISerializable interface consists of a single method GetObjectData whose output the formatter takes and flushes into the output stream. Can you guess what happens next By design, the DataTable and DataSet classes describe themselves to serializers using an XML DiffGram document. The binary formatter takes this rather long string and appends it to the stream. In this way, DataSet and DataTable objects are always remoted and transferred using XML which is great. Unfortunately, if you are searching for a more compact representation of persisted tables, the ordinary .NET Framework run-time serialization for ADO.NET objects is not for you. Let's see how to work around it. Custom Binary Serialization To optimize the binary representation of a DataTable object (or a DataSet object), you have no other choice than mapping the class to an intermediate object whose serialization process is under your control. The entire operation is articulated into a few steps: 1. Create a custom class, and mark it as serializable (or, alternatively, implement the ISerializable interface). 2. Copy the key properties of the DataTable object to the members of the class. Which members you actually map is up to you. However, the list must certainly include the column names and types, plus the rows. 3. Serialize this new class to the binary formatter, and when deserialization occurs, use the restored information to build a new instance of the DataTable object. Let's analyze these steps in more detail. Creating a Serializable Ghost Class Assuming that you need to persist only columns and rows of a DataTable object, a ghost class can be quickly created. In the following example, this ghost class is named GhostDataTable: [Serializable] public class GhostDataTable { public GhostDataTable() { colNames = new ArrayList(); colTypes = new ArrayList(); dataRows = new ArrayList(); } public ArrayList colNames; public ArrayList colTypes; 344
27 I/O-Bound Asynchronous Operations
Set carriage return and line feed to On. Enter the following command to instruct Telnet that it should treat the Enter key as a combination of carriage return and line feed.
aspnet_regsqlcache or the methods of SqlCacheDependencyAdmin. The following code enables the Northwind database for notifications:
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