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Description Administrator Guest Krbtgt Domain Admins Domain Users Domain Guests Domain Computers Domain Controllers Built-In Administrators Built-In Users Built-In Guests
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void Dialog::displayBatteryStatus(QSystemDeviceInfo::BatteryStatus status) { QString msg; switch(status) { case QSystemDeviceInfo::BatteryCritical: { msg = " Battery is Critical (4% or less), please plug in the charger."; QMessageBox::critical(this,"QSystemInfo",msg); } break; case QSystemDeviceInfo::BatteryVeryLow: {
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Adding Graphics to Your Storyboard
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In this practice, you deploy applications by using two techniques: a Web Setup Project and the Copy Web tool.
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The pattern requires the sender parameter to be of type Object mostly because of inheritance . What if MailManager were used as a base class for SmtpMailManager In this case, the callback method should have the sender parameter prototyped as SmtpMailManager instead of MailManager, but this can t happen because SmtpMailManager just inherited the NewMail event . So the code that was expecting SmtpMailManager to raise the event must still have to cast the sender argument to SmtpMailManager . In other words, the cast is still required, so the sender parameter might as well be typed as Object . The next reason for typing the sender parameter as Object is just flexibility . It allows the delegate to be used by multiple types that offer an event that passes a NewMailEventArgs object . For example, a PopMailManager class could use the delegate even if this class were not derived from MailManager .
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Lesson 3: Caching
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How It Works: Displaying Products in HatShop
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Note The FCL defines a type, System.ComponentModel.EventHandlerList, which does
Alternatively, you can apply the attribute runat="server" to these control tags, in which case ASP.NET will parse the HTML tag into a related, server-side object that provides properties and methods designed to work with that particular tag. This can make your programming experience much easier. In addition, ASP.NET uses view state to automatically maintain state for these items between calls. In most cases, you should use the more powerful web server controls. Consider using HTML server controls in only these cases:
Lesson 2: Managing DHCP in Windows Networks
CHAPTER 6: Introducing Qt Quick
Troubleshoot connectivity to the Internet
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