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About the DataContext Property Data context is a concept that allows elements to inherit information from their parent elements about the data source that is used for binding. Child elements automatically inherit the DataContext of their parent element. The data flows down the visual tree. The best method for binding a view model to a view in Silverlight is by using the DataContext property; that is why, in most cases, the DataContext is used to store the view s model. Because of this, unless you have very simple views, it is not recommended that you use the DataContext property as a communication mechanism between different loosely coupled views.
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File System Name Space Changes
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stored in the database. If you want to use hashing now, you need to store the hash value of the password in the config file instead of storing the password in clear text (hatshopadmin, in this case). At login time, you compare the hash value of the string entered by the user to the hash value you saved in the config file. You can calculate the hash value of a string by applying the sha1 function to it (the sha1 function calculates the hash value using the SHA-1 algorithm). Don t worry if this sounds too advanced at this moment, 11 will show you the process in more detail.
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If you re able to create and format Excel charts in PowerPoint as described in the last section, it s very simple and often more efficient to do all of the work in Excel directly and then transfer the chart to PowerPoint . You can do this using a simple copying process, though one that is subject to certain restrictions on the quality of the results it produces . Try this out for yourself using two different and differentiated examples . Note, however, that you must first open Excel and PowerPoint 2007 and activate the slide in which you want to insert a chart .
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Note For more information about stop words, including links to complete lists, visit http://
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B. Correct: The Page.UICulture property is used to define the language for the page.
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In this expression, the compiler should flag the single = as an error since assigning anything to a constant is invalid. In contrast, in this expression:
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5. Select the Security Configuration And Analysis snap-in, click Add, and then click Close. 6. Click OK to add the snap-in to the console. 7. To save the console, from the File menu select Save As. Type Security Configu ration Management. Then click Save.
Exercise 1: Configuring the RADIUS Client
Include the following in web .config:
At a command prompt, type gpupdate to update Group Policy on CA1.
This code sample uses CultureTypes.NeutralCultures cultures to get a list of cultures that provide both language and culture information (for example en-us instead of just en). You can use CultureTypes.SpecificCultures instead if you want the user to pick both language and culture. You can use neutral cultures to define the UICulture object, but you can only use specific cultures to define the Culture object.
With Windows applications, you have no choice but to consider deployment; typically, the client needs to be installed on every user s computer. With websites, deployment tends to be an afterthought, because users already have their web browsers installed. However, developers often need to deploy code to staging and production servers on a regular basis, which can be tedious. In addition, many websites are deployed to multiple web servers simultaneously to provide high availability and performance. Finally, many web developers must release their applications commercially; this means that other people need to be able to deploy them in environments that the developer knows nothing about. For each of these scenarios, the developer must create a plan to deploy the application and any updates that need to be released in the future. This lesson describes the different techniques available for deploying websites: manually copying files, publishing web applications, creating a Web Deployment Project, creating a Web Setup Project, using the Copy Web tool, and publishing websites.
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