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Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes many powerful features, but the ability to create custom data relationships through a Web-based administration tool ranks as one of the more important ones. Understanding how Microsoft Dynamics CRM structures entity relationships can help you plan and map your system to ensure that there is a smooth implementation.
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In this case, no dialog box is displayed to the user. The CLR fires the AppDomain s UnhandledException event and then, if the exception occurred in the main thread or in an unmanaged thread, terminates the process along with all the AppDomains in it. If no callback methods have registered with AppDomain s UnhandledException event and if the process is a CUI application, the CLR displays the stack trace to the console. In this case, no dialog box is displayed to the user and AppDomain s UnhandledException event doesn t fire. Instead, the CLR just spawns the debugger attaching it to the application.
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comfortable for anyone familiar with Eclipse. More recently, Nokia began providing its own mobile-centric version of Qt Creator, called the Nokia Qt SDK. Available on Macintosh, Windows, and Linux, the Nokia SDK provides the standard suite of services for an IDE, as well as: A run-time simulator of the handset GUI, simulating display size, soft keys, GPS, and other device features. Cross-compiling to Symbian, Maemo, MeeGo, the Qt simulator, and Qt on the host platform (the Linux and Macintosh versions of the tool require remote compilation for Symbian, however). Source-level debugging on the Qt simulator, native Qt, and device. A visual GUI builder derived from Qt Creator. Usage of Qt s project files for meta-makefile management. In practice, most IDEs today offer the same set of features, and learning to use an IDE is mostly a matter of figuring out which menu contains which commands, and learning (or rebinding) which function keys do what. The Nokia Qt SDK is no different; if you ve used Eclipse or Visual Studio, you will feel right at home in a matter of hours. The Nokia Qt SDK is truly cross-platform, running on Mac OS X 10.6 or later, Linux (Nokia recommends Ubuntu), or Windows (Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7). The installation is not small. Expect it to consume about 4 GB of disk space, and it ll happily consume all the RAM and processor you can throw its way. There are some limitations on the Linux and Mac OS X version of the SDK, so be sure to check the documentation; these limitations center on the ability to cross-compile for Symbian and the SDK s use of a Nokia-hosted compilation cloud to enable crossplatform development to Symbian on these platforms. (One of us is happily running the Nokia Qt SDK in a virtualized Windows XP machine on his Mac OS X workstation, so virtualization is also an option.) The Nokia Qt simulator is an essential part of the SDK that is written as a Qt runtime, emulating key device features. These include device status (such as battery, network access, and screen orientation) and device data (including device location and contacts data), as well as a device s specific Qt implementation of the screen and user interface. Not a device emulator and not a device skin, the simulator provides a fine balance between start-up and debugging performance with the ability to do things such as script device data with JavaScript to enable most debugging right on your development workstation. This eliminates much of the need for source-level debugging on your hardware target, which is still supported for the occasional pesky bug that materializes only on hardware.
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You will notice that most entities have two default forms. Both will be named Information but one will have a form type of Main and the other will have a form type of Mobile. As the names indicate, the main form will be what users will see when they log into the web or Outlook clients. The mobile form will be displayed when they log into Mobile Express. The steps used to customize these forms are very different, so we will explore them separately.
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CHAPTER 4: Beginning Qt Development
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In this case, we are batching the ProjectsToBuild in order to get the correct value for each project s OutputPath. You can use the Properties and AdditionalProperties metadata on the ProjectsToBuild item to circumvent the need for batching. Instead of the preceding statement, you could use the approach shown next instead.
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The only way to change the default namespace of a .NET Framework Web service is by setting the Namespace property of the WebService attribute, as shown in following code. This example uses a custom path that merges the namespace of the class providing the sample service with the ISBN of this book. [WebService( Namespace="xmlnet/cs/0735618011", Name="Northwind Sales Report Web Service", Description="The Northwind Sales Report Web Service")] The namespace information is used extensively in the WSDL definition of the Web service.
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Setting for Second Computer Default. Your date, time, and time zone. Default (Typical Settings). Default (workgroup named WORKGROUP).
Understanding TCP/IP
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