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Preparing the hatshop Virtual Folder
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When a kernel-mode construct detects contention on a resource, Windows blocks the losing thread so that it is not spinning on a CPU, wasting processor resources . Kernel-mode constructs can synchronize native and managed threads with each other . Kernel-mode constructs can synchronize threads running in different processes on the same machine . Kernel-mode constructs can have security applied to them to prevent unauthorized accounts from accessing them . A thread can block until all kernel-mode constructs in a set are available or until any one kernel-mode construct in a set has become available . A thread can block on a kernel-mode construct specifying a timeout value; if the thread can t have access to the resource it desires in the specified amount of time, then the thread is unblocked and can perform other tasks .
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In the Disk Management console, right-click either disk of the mirrored volume. Choose Break Mirrored Volume from the shortcut menu. You re asked to con rm that you really want to break it. Click Yes, and the mirror is broken. You ll have two volumes. One retains the drive letter or mount point of the original mirror, and the other is assigned the next available drive letter. They will both contain exact duplicates of the data at the instant of the break but will immediately start to diverge as they are modi ed.
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When you re done experimenting with compilations, recompilations, and reuse of execution plans, run the following code for cleanup:
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1. Enter the Netsh IPSec Static context by entering the following commands:
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<canvas id="myCanvas" width="300" height="300">
.net data matrix reader
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CREATE TRIGGER trg_T1_ioi_perrow ON dbo.T1 INSTEAD OF INSERT AS DECLARE @rc AS INT = (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM (SELECT TOP (2) * FROM inserted) AS D); IF @rc = 0 RETURN; IF @rc = 1 INSERT INTO dbo.T1 SELECT * FROM inserted; ELSE BEGIN DECLARE @keycol AS INT, @datacol AS INT; DECLARE @Cinserted CURSOR; SET @Cinserted = CURSOR FAST_FORWARD FOR SELECT keycol, datacol FROM inserted; OPEN @Cinserted; FETCH NEXT FROM @Cinserted INTO @keycol, @datacol; WHILE @@fetch_status = 0 BEGIN INSERT INTO dbo.T1(keycol, datacol) VALUES(@keycol, @datacol); FETCH NEXT FROM @Cinserted INTO @keycol, @datacol; END END GO
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A single machine has 1 or more processor groups where each group contains 1 to 64 logical processors . A processor group has one or more NUMA nodes . Each node contains some logical processors, cache memory, and local memory (all in proximity to each other) . Each NUMA node has one or more sockets on it for silicon chips . Each socket s chip contains one or more CPU cores . Each core contains one or more logical processors . There can be more than one logical processor if the chip is hyperthreaded . code 128 barcode generator
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FIGURE 5-18 The middle of your slide hierarchy consists of your second-most important slides the
Shut down the system Synchronize directory service data
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.method public hidebysig static void { .entrypoint // Code size 45 (0x2d) .maxstack 3 .locals init (int32 V_0, object V_1) // Load 5 into v. IL_0000: ldc.i4.5 IL_0001: stloc.0 Main() cil managed
public static void SomeMethod() { var t = new Transaction(); Monitor.Enter(t); // This thread takes the object's public lock // Have a thread pool thread display the LastTransaction time // NOTE: The thread pool thread blocks until SomeMethod calls Monitor.Exit! ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(o => Console.WriteLine(t.LastTransaction)); // Execute some other code here... Monitor.Exit(t); }
When you apply a fill with the RadialGradientBrush, you can set the focal point for the radial by using the GradientOrigin property. You use this to set the point from which the gradient emanates, usually at the center of the circle. Despite the circular nature of the RadialGradientBrush, the focal point is set in a rectangular normalized space. So, if you want the focal point to be at the upper-left corner, set the GradientOrigin to (0,0); if you want it at the lower-right corner, set the GradientOrigin to (1,1). The following example shows the gradient with the focal point set toward the lower right of the object, at (0.7,0.7):
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