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FIGURE 4-11 Copy to Output Directory
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When defining your own custom attribute type, you can define a constructor that takes parameters that a developer applying an instance of your attribute type must specify. In addition, you can define nonstatic, public fields and properties in your type that identify settings a developer applying an instance of your attribute type can optionally specify. When defining an attribute type s instance constructor, fields, and properties, you must restrict yourself to a small subset of data types. Specifically, the legal set of data types is limited to any of the following: Boolean, Char, Byte, SByte, Int16, UInt16, Int32, UInt32, Int64, UInt64, Single, Double, String, Type, Ob ject, or an enumerated type. In addition, you can use a single dimension, zero based array of any of these types. When applying an attribute, you must pass a compile time constant expression that matches the type defined by the attribute class. Wherever the attribute class defines a Type parameter, Type field, or Type property, you must use C# s typeof operator as shown in the following code. Wherever the attribute class defines an Object parameter, Object field, or Object property, you can pass an Int32, a String, or any other constant expression. If the constant expression represents a 278
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fewer number of tests as compared to random input testing. Microsoft has collected empirical data to show increases in both block and arc coverage of product code using pair-wise coverage as compared to a set of black box-designed tests, as illustrated in Table 5-6. The data also reveals additional increases in both block and arc coverage with sequential increases in n-wise coverage. Although increases in structural testing help reduce overall risk, this result comes with additional cost. Table 5-6: Testing effectiveness of Combinatorial Testing by increased Code Coverage Open table as spreadsheet Total block = 1,317 Manual tests Pair-wise tests n-3 coverage n-4 coverage Number of tests Block covered Code coverage 236 960 73% 136 979 74% 11 800 994 75% 10 3,533 1,006 76% 10
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COM+ Services If you're building a COM+ service with the Active Template Library (ATL), you don't have to do anything with security. By default, ATL runs as a user-mode executable until you register your application with the -Service command-line option. ISAPI Filters and Extensions The exported functions you must provide for your filters and extensions are fairly simple, and you can easily write a test harness that acts as a fake IIS system. You can test all your core algorithms in a controlled environment so that you have them completely debugged before you run your service under IIS proper. Exchange Server You can build Exchange Server services that run as console applications if you use the helper functions in WINWRAP.LIB. Starting your service with the notserv startup parameter will force running as a normal process. The notserv parameter must be the first parameter specified. Debugging the Basic Service After you test and debug your general logic, you can start debugging your code while running as a service. All your initial debugging should take place on a system on which you can control everything. Ideally, you should have a second machine sitting right next to your main development machine that you can use for your initial debugging. The second machine should have the version and flavor of Windows you're recommending to your customers for the environment your service will run under. Whereas the reason for debugging the core code was to verify your basic logic, the reason for preliminary service debugging is to shake out your basic service-specific code. You need to complete four tasks as part of debugging your first-cut service code: Turn on Allow Service To Interact With Desktop. Set your service identity. Attach to your service. Debug your startup code. As I discuss each task, I'll mention particular issues relevant to the different technologies as appropriate. Turn On Allow Service To Interact With Desktop No matter what type of service you're debugging, you'll want to turn on Allow Service To Interact With Desktop on the Log On tab of your service's Properties dialog box. Although you shouldn't have any user interface elements with your service, having assertion notifications that allow you to gain control with the debugger is very helpful. Assertion notifications combined with excellent logging code, such as the code that ATL gives you for writing to the event log, can make it much easier to debug services. In the initial stages of development, I turn on SUPERASSERT dialog assertions just so that I can quickly gauge the general health of my code. (For more information on SUPERASSERT, see 3.) As I get more and more of the service running, however, I set the assertion options so that all assertions just go through trace statements. Until I'm confident of the service code, I generally leave the Allow Service To Interact With Desktop setting checked. One nasty bug that cropped up in a service I once wrote took me a while to track down because I turned off this option and I still had a message box that popped up. Because the operating system security won't allow normal services to show a 519
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FIGURE 22-23 The Windows PowerShell session for marking the Web Part safe and creating an
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// These two lines compile because C# thinks that // v1 s fields have been initialized to 0. SomeVal v1 = new SomeVal(); Int32 a = v1.x; // These two lines don t compile because C# doesn t think that // v1 s fields have been initialized to 0. SomeVal v1; Int32 a = v1.x; // error CS0170: Use of possibly unassigned field x
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