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public class @class { public string @public(string @string) { string @return = @string + @string; return @return; } public static void Main() { System.Console.WriteLine( new @class().@public("A silly test")); } }
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4. This trusted code then enters a try block, and from within the try block, calls across an AppDomain boundary (via a type derived from MarshalByRefObject) . This AppDomain contains the untrusted code (perhaps a stored procedure) that was not built and tested by the company that produced the host application . At this point, the server has given control of its thread to some untrusted code; the server is feeling nervous right now . 5. When the host originally received the client s request, it recorded the time . If the untrusted code doesn t respond to the client in some administrator-set amount of time, the host calls Thread s Abort method asking the CLR to stop the thread pool thread, forcing it to throw a ThreadAbortException . 6. At this point, the thread pool thread starts unwinding, calling finally blocks so that cleanup code executes . Eventually, the thread pool thread crosses back over the AppDomain boundary . Since the host s stub code called the untrusted code from inside a try block, the host s stub code has a catch block that catches the ThreadAbortException . 7. In response to catching the ThreadAbortException, the host calls Thread s ResetAbort method . I ll explain the purpose of this call shortly . 8. Now that the host s code has caught the ThreadAbortException, the host can return some sort of failure back to the client and allow the thread pool thread to return to the pool so that it can be used for a future client request .
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Temporal Support in the Relational Model
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want a more compact format, opt for the binary .NET Framework formatter and consider using a ghost class, as described in 9. Reviewing and Rejecting Changes Users of the sample application enter changes through the interface of the DataGrid control. Each change is detected, and controls in the user interface are enabled and disabled to reflect those changes. For example, the Review Changes button is enabled if there are changes to review. Detecting Ongoing Changes In a Windows Forms application, data sources associated with data-bound controls are managed by a special breed of component the binding manager. BindingManagerBase is the abstract class for binding managers; the actual classes you will work with are CurrencyManager and PropertyManager. The PropertyManager class keeps track of a simple binding between a data-bound control property and a data source scalar value. The CurrencyManager class plays a more sophisticated role. CurrencyManager handles complex data binding and maintains bindings between a data source and all the list controls (for example, the DataGrid control) that bind to it or to one of its member tables. The CurrencyManager class takes care of synchronizing the controls bound to the same data source and provides a uniform interface for clients to access the current item for the list. Both manager classes have a property named Current and fire position-related events such as ItemChanged. The Current property returns the currently selected item, whatever that is for the particular binding class. For example, for the DataGrid class, the current item is the nth bound element that is, a DataRow object if a DataTable is bound, or a string if an array of strings is bound. To access the binding manager for a particular data source, you use the Form object's BindingContext collection, as shown here: CurrencyManager m_bmbEmployees; m_bmbEmployees = (CurrencyManager) BindingContext[m_dataSet, "Employees"]; m_bmbEmployees.ItemChanged += new ItemChangedEventHandler(CurrentChanged); This code also registers a handler for the ItemChanged event. The binding manager automatically fires the event whenever an item in the bound data source the Employees table in the grid's DataSet object changes. In other words, the handler executes whenever a change occurs and refreshes the application's user interface accordingly. Selecting Changed Rows As mentioned, the DataSet object registers all the changes but retains the original values of the modified rows. Thanks to these features, setting up a form to review the current changes is not at all difficult. Let's see how to proceed. The idea is to create a view of the table possibly a copy of the table that includes only the changes. The GetChanges method can be used to obtain a copy of the DataTable object (or the DataSet object) that includes only the changed rows, as shown here: DataTable dtChanges = m_dataSet.Tables["Employees"].GetChanges(); if (dtChanges == null) return; DataView dv = dtChanges.DefaultView; 381
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C# public class QuestionnaireViewModel { public QuestionnaireViewModel() { this.SubmitCommand = new DelegateCommand<object>( this.OnSubmit, this.CanSubmit); } public ICommand SubmitCommand { get; private set; } private void OnSubmit(object arg) private bool CanSubmit(object arg) } {...} { return true; }
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In the preceding example, we could have cast the instantiated object to StringBuilder and called the members as for a normally instantiated type. This is the approach usually adopted if types are required to implement a specific interface to provide functionality. However, it's also possible to call members using the reflection classes described in the preceding section. Table 12-13 details the methods available.
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using Active Directory, a feature of all server versions except Windows NT Server, also offers a fully searchable directory service that allows network users to easily find shared resources, contacts, users, and other directory objects . In addition, these server families offer IntelliMirror, a collection of technologies that offer centralized
If you only want to change the color of a selected area of your chart, click the Shape Fill button in the Shape Styles group (see Figure 4-8), and select a color from the palette, using the helpful preview function as an aid . Once more, note that if you select the More Fill Colors option to open another selection from the palette, the preview no longer works, and you ll only be able to judge the results when you choose OK to apply the selection in the Colors dialog box . When formatting a table range in a worksheet containing embedded charts, you may find that, when you change the fill color of a large cell range or of the entire worksheet, your choice of color may not blend in harmoniously with the colors you ve assigned to a chart in the same worksheet . If you want to change the color of individual elements of the chart, you don t need to go right back to the Chart Tools again . The color options on the Home tab remain active even after you exit the table range in the worksheet and continue working in the chart . This means you can save yourself a detour through the Chart Tools when you want to make small or even large changes to your color choices, including the preview (see Figure 4-9) .
Distributed Stress Architecture
solely for its historical value, but many of its themes sound fresh 20 years later. It also conveys a good sense of what it was like to be a programmer in the early days of computer science. Weinberg, Gerald M. The Psychology of Computer Programming: Silver Anniversary Edition. New York: Dorset House, 1998. This classic book contains a detailed exposition of the idea of egoless programming and of many other aspects of the human side of computer programming. It contains many entertaining anecdotes and is one of the most readable books yet written about software development. Pirsig, Robert M.. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance : An Inquiry into Values, William Morrow, 1974. Pirsig provides an extended discussion of quality, ostensibly as it relates to motorcycle maintenance. Pirsig was working as a software technical writer when he wrote ZAMM, and his insightful comments apply as much to software projects as motorcycle maintenance. Curtis, Bill, ed. Tutorial: Human Factors in Software Development. Los Angeles: IEEE Computer Society Press, 1985. This is an excellent collection of papers that address the human aspects of creating computer programs. The 45 papers are divided into sections on mental models of programming knowledge, learning to program, problem solving and design, effects of design representations, language characteristics, error diagnosis, and methodology. If programming is one of the most difficult intellectual challenges that humankind has ever faced, learning more about human mental capacities is critical to the success of the endeavor. These papers about psychological factors also help you to turn your mind inward and learn about how you individually can program more effectively. McConnell, Steve. Professional Software Development, Boston, MA: Addison Wesley, 2004. 7, Orphans Preferred, provides more details on programmer personalities and the role of personal character.
You can go back to any point in time with the FLASHBACK TABLE command, as you can see in Listing 937. Note the following important difference: Listings 9-32 and 9-33 show queries against table E where you go back in time, but the FLASHBACK TABLE example in Listing 9-37 changes the database and restores table E to a given point in time. Listing 9-37. Another FLASHBACK TABLE Example select count(*) from e; COUNT(*) -------6 flashback table e to timestamp to_timestamp('×tamp'); Enter value for timestamp: 01-OCT-2004 10:54:00.000 Flashback complete. select count(*) from e; COUNT(*) -------14 It is not always possible to go back in time with one table using the FLASHBACK TABLE command. For example, you could have constraints referring to other tables prohibiting such a change. See Oracle SQL Reference for more details about the FLASHBACK TABLE command.
22.2 Recommended Approach to Developer Testing 22.3 Bag of Testing Tricks 22.4 Typical Errors 22.5 Test-Support Tools 22.6 Improving Your Testing 22.7 Keeping Test Records
The benefit of using block form in this case is that the temporary file is removed automatically and no closing is required. However, if you want to use a temporary file throughout the scope of a whole program, block form might not be suitable.
enabled, which is either true or false, dictates whether Basic Authentication is enabled. realm will usually be the name of the domain to which you are inviting users to access. This does not have to be a real domain name; it is merely the text placed in the dialog box prompting users to log on. defaultLogonDomain is the domain against which authentication will take place if no domain name is passed by the browser in the user name. logonMethod takes any of these four values (like the other logonMethod elements): ClearText, Network, Batch, or Interactive.
Consider Using Local System Instead
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Implementing the Presentation Tier
For the example just shown, the name would be
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