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To add a custom setup wizard page to your Web Setup Project, you use the User Interface editor (View | Editor | User Interface). The User Interface editor displays the different setup phases for both standard and administrative installations of your application. Figure 8-23 shows the default view of the User Interface editor.
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Farther still into the report, you ll see a set of expandable headings: Software Configuration, Hardware Configuration, CPU, Network, Disk, Memory, and Report Statistics. Use the outline controls at the right side of these headings to expand and contract. The headings will open to reveal expandable subheadings, and it s all worth reading, particularly if you run across an item with a red flag next to it. Rally your mouse around the flag for important details and recommendations:
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/r:System.ServiceModel.dll /r:System.ServiceProcess.dll /r:System.Transactions.dll /r:System.Web.Services.dll /r:System.Windows.Forms.Dll /r:System.Xml.dll /r:System.Xml.Linq.dll
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One of the amazing new features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is the ability to add inline charts (sometimes referred to as visualizations) to grid views. Charts provide several useful features:
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At the lowest level, computers are entirely number-based, with everything represented by streams of numbers. A language such as Ruby tries to insulate you from the internal workings of the computer, and numbers in Ruby are used for mostly the same things that you use numbers for in real life, such as counting, logical comparisons, arithmetic, and so on. Let s look at how you can use numbers in these ways in Ruby and how to do something with them.
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C# protected override void ConfigureContainer() { base.ConfigureContainer(); this.RegisterTypeIfMissing(typeof(IModuleTracker), typeof(ModuleTracker), true); this.Container.RegisterInstance<CallbackLogger>(this.callbackLogger); }
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static void WriteLine(string) JITCompiler
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When working with strings at an advanced level, it becomes necessary to learn about regular expressions. A regular expression is, essentially, a search query, and not to be confused with the expressions we ve discussed already in this chapter. If you type ruby into your favorite search engine, you d expect information about Ruby to appear. Likewise, if your regular expression is ruby and you run that query against, say, a long string, you d expect any matches to be returned. A regular expression, therefore, is a string that describes a pattern for matching elements in other strings.
Figure 11-2: Attribute overrides are crucial architectural elements to allow effective XML-toclass mapping. The XML serializer works on top of a particular type the target class. While deserializing, the deserializer engine attempts to fit incoming data into the properties of the target class, taking into careful account any attributes set for the various properties. What happens if the source and the destination follow incompatible schemas This might seem a rather odd situation how could you deserialize data that you haven't previously serialized but in practice it exemplifies the real goal of XML serialization. Beyond any technological and implementation details, XML serialization is simply a way to automatically instantiate classes from XML data. This is not simply the problem of transforming one schema into another; instead, you must transform a schema into a class. If you don't want to write an ad hoc piece of code, you have only the following few options: Modify the source data to make it fit the target class through default XML serialization. This solution is impractical if you don't have access to the component that generates this flow. Modify the target class with static attributes to make it support in deserialization the schema of the incoming data. This solution is impractical if you don't have access to the source code for the class for example, if the class is deployed through an assembly. Override the attributes of the target class using dynamic hooks provided by the objects you can create and store in an XmlAttributeOverrides class. We'll examine this solution more closely in the section "The XmlAttributeOverrides Class," on page 505. If the differences involve data, too, and therefore can't be addressed with schema elements, resort to deserialization events, as described in the section "Deserializing XML Data to Objects," on page 496. Attribute overriding is a technique that lets you change the default way in which serialization and deserialization occur. In addition to the case just mentioned, attribute overrides are also useful for setting up different (and selectable) serialization/deserialization schemes for a given class. The XmlAttributeOverrides Class You pass an instance of the XmlAttributeOverrides class to the XmlSerializer constructor. As a result, the serializer will use the data contained in the 410
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If you want to edit the container as a whole, right-click its border . Not only is the context menu displayed, but a mini toolbar appears that includes the main commands for formatting text . The formats you assign in this mode affect the whole object, including the complete string . If you want to format individual characters, first select the character(s) and then point with the mouse to the now shadowy-looking mini toolbar to activate this and then make the corresponding selection . As far as possible, the editing of strings conforms to the same rules that you're familiar with from other text-editing processes in Microsoft Office programs .
FIGURE 24-11 The final set of installation rules
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